Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 30

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 30 Trust Me

When Jamie woke up, Jacob was still by her side, Jamie was terrified by his extra care because she required her own space now that she remembered everything, she wanted to stay away from him. She faked a smile "Have you been here the whole time."

"Of course, I have to stay by your side." he smiled back.

Jamie was a smart girl so she tried a way out so she held his hand, leaned forward "Yes you have to but not at the cost of your own health, you have to take care of yourself and now that I am healthy and awake just sleep for a bit on the visitor's bed."

He smiled at the thought that she was worried about her so he obediently listened to her and went to sleep on the bed.

For a few minutes Jamie waited impatiently for him to fall asleep and she heaved out a sigh of relief when he was finally sleeping. She called Daisy and as the ring went through she slowly moved out of the room making sure he does not wake up. She picked up the call and panicked "What happened Jamie?"

"Nothing, where are you?"

"I am at the hospital, why?"

"Come to my room."


She cut the call and waited impatiently for Daisy. Seeing her a smile spread across her face and when Daisy was close to her, she was taken aback by a sudden hug that came from Jamie "Daisy I remember everything whatever I forgot."

Daisy went pale listening to that but regained herself to normal by the time Jamie released her from the hug so she forced a smile on her face "That is great, why didn't you say that in front of Jacob then."

"No, I have to tell James and Charles first and we have to come up with a plan to get him arrested as it won't be easy for such a renowned businessman."

"You are right but...."

"How is he?" Jamie was worried

"He is in coma."

Jamie broke down and immediately started crying, Daisy supported her with her arms and allowed her to cry. When she finally came back to her senses she spoke "Can I see him."

Daisy nodded and Jamie continued "You tell James that I have regained my memory."

Daisy nodded again and helped her to her feet, taking her to Charles.

Jamie walked in with slow steps and sat besides him and held his hand. She cried for a long time and then spoke crying "Charlie, now that I remember everything, you went into coma. How could you do that to your dear wife." she kept crying when Charles moved the hand she was holding because he could listen to her voice and the power of her voice helped him heal, she was surrounded by happiness and summoned the doctor.

Doctor came in and treated him while everyone waited patiently. As the doctor came out Jamie rushed to him with glowing eyes which made him smile as he said "He is fine but is under anesthesia so he will be awake in next 2 hrs, you can all relax. Everyone smiled out of happiness and Daisy came forward, packed her hands on Jamie's shoulders "Jamie, I have a plan for you, all you have to do is trust me no matter what."

"Daisy, whatever you do, I will always trust you."

"Thanks. Now go back to your room before he Jacob wakes up."

Jamie looked at Charles's room, James put a hand on her shoulder to reassure her "I will let you know when he wakes up."

She nodded and then left. James asked Daisy about her plan but she replied "I can't tell you, just trust me."

He kissed her on her forehead "Always."

She smiled and said "Let me execute my plan then." James smiled back and nodded allowing her to leave.

Jacob was still asleep when Jamie got back so she pretended to sleep on the patient's bed to avoid any sort of suspicious.

Jacob woke up a little while later by Daisy's call, he picked it up "What is it Daisy?"

Jamie was frozen hearing that name, thousands of questions popped up in her mind but she promised to trust her so she had to keep her promise. Jacob rushed out and Daisy was waiting for him outside "Come let's have a coffee while we talk." Jacob suggested.

"Yes or we will be caught."

They head towards the hospital cafeteria and while they have their coffee Daisy tells him "Jamie remembers everything and Charles is out of coma, what are you gonna do now."

He smiled "I fell it since the time she was awake. First I will let her meet him then I will threaten her to marry me and trust me she will have to say yes and she will have to marry me."

"It would be much better if you could get them to divorce each other, I want to have Charles all to myself."

"That is a brilliant idea Daisy but poor Jamie trusts you a lot, too bad."

They both laugh then after finishing the coffee head back.

Jamie is sitting on her bed eager to know why he went out for Daisy's call for so long. Jacob entered and locked the room.

Jamie's heart skipped a beat 'What is he gonna do, no I can't let that happen.'

"Why are you bolting the door."

"Because we were gonna have fun last night which was completely ruined by that stupid Jack so I would like to continue, what do you say."

Jamie's face lost it's colour she tried to change the topic but it was of no use "Where were you?"

"It hardly matters, now that I am here let's continue from where we left." he said touching her cheeks with back of his palm.

Jamie was scared but she could not show him, he leaned in closer planting a kiss on her lips, she was scared out of her wits, he moved his hands along her back, kissing the side of her neck, she breathed heavily but could not think of a way to escape. There was a knock at the door, Jacob let out a sigh and opened the door, a nurse came in to check on her so she relaxed.

Jacob was dissapointed and said "I will buy you some food until then."

She nodded and he left, the nurse then informed her "You are fine, you can leave soon."

"I know but please can you do something so that I can stay a little longer." she said, passing her a some cash she pleaded again "Please."

"Sure" the nurse smiled taking the money from her.

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