Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 31

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 31 Blackmail

The nurse left soon, Jamie opened the door and saw that no one was outside so she quickly rushed to Charles's room. James was standing outside so she asked "Is he awake?"

"Yes, I was gonna call you..."

"Before James could complete she rushed inside and hugged Charles "I am so sorry but now I remember everything."

Charles put a finger on her mouth and smiled "Don't say sorry, it was not your fault and James has told me everything so we will figure out something."

Jamie nodded, smiled back at him and kissed his forehead "I love you so much."

"I love you too sweetheart and thank to that fool Jack that you remember everything."

Jamie smiled and held his hand passionately, they both started at each other for a long while when someone suddenly bragged into the room with a loud noise and pointed a gun at Charles's forehead.

Jamie was scared and looked at the man and with a shaky voice she spoke "Jacob what are you doing here?"

"I can ask you the same question Jamie and now that you remember everything and I have to use the harsh method and force you to marry me so I will do that. Jamie if you want your dear husband alive quickly leave him and come over here." his voice scared Jamie to her soul, she did not want to harm Charles so she held Jacob's hand which he had extended towards him arrogantly. Jacob pulled her into his embrace and then called his man inside who were standing outside and asked them to stay around Charles then he looked at Jamie and spoke viciously "Darling if you want to see him alive just obey me or I will have to give one order and he will be dead."

Jamie nodded in his chest because he was holding her close to his body and then he said "Now that I don't require your permission we will have our wedding this weekend and I will hold an engagement party tonight."

Jamie looked at Charles with teary eyes, he got up from his bed and tried to pull Jamie towards him, Jacob pointed a gun at Jamie's forehead and said "You should better stay away because if I can't marry her then no one can and I will kill her."

Charles stepped back "Jacob stop this nonsense, we are already married."

"Charles if you don't want to see her dead, you should better let her marry me."

Charles stepped back placing a hand on his wound he sat on the bed and before he could say anything Jacob pulled Jamie out, signed her discharge papers and pushed her into the car. Jamie was like a little kitten being hunted by a wolf but she had to follow his orders.

He raced the car back to his villa, Jamie was surprised to see Daisy already standing there with for them "What are you doing here Daisy?"

Daisy gave a smile a placed a hand on Jamie's shoulder "Jaime you are so naive to believe everyone, how could you trust me so easily. I had always loved Charles and if you get married to him I get to be with Charles. Thanks for trusting me Jamie and I was the one who told Jacob that you have regains your memory. Don't worry darling he will love you even more than Charles." she laughed as tears rolled down Jamie's eyes.

Jacob invited her inside and then took Jamie to the bedroom and locked her inside "You better not try to escape because my men are in Charles's room." she sinked to the floor and started crying even louder as she felt the most helpless person.

Jacob went out and sat down with Daisy "Why are you here now."

"Now I need your help with their divorce, get it signed on the marriage night and then I will get it signed from Charles."

"Okay, I will do that."

"Give me their marriage certificates."

"Why do you need them?"

"To burn them up later so that they can never get back and I have an idea for you that will never let them get back together."

"What is it?"

"Get her pregnant."

Jacob laughed "Daisy you sure are evil but I like it, that is a great idea."

Jacob went inside to fetch the marriage certificates of Jamie and Charles and then handed it to Daisy. Daisy got up "I will leave then." Jacob nodded and she left then Jacob unlocked Jamie's room and saw her crying on the floor, he went close to her and picked her up from the floor then kissed her forehead "I don't want to see you crying sweetheart." then he pushed her to the bed, removed his clothes and jumped onto her holding her tight by her arms he forced a kiss on her and the more she tried to free herself from his grip, the more tighter his grip grew and more fierce were his actions. He started kissing her neck fiercely which made Jamie cry in pain but he didn't bother and continued, he then tore her clothes revealing her clear with skin, he touched her stomach and as his hands moved to her b.r.e.a.s.ts his phone rang. He picked it up not letting go of Jamie and placing a hand over her mouth so that her cries could not be heard on the other side, the alerting voice on the other side came "Sir, our company is facing loss what shall we do."

"What, how did this happen."

"Sir, you are all over the news."

He opened his phone which made him agitated, he quickly wore his clothes, locked the room and left the house. He reached the company and saw a quite different scenario than he had imagined so an idea clicked his mind and he rushed his car back to his villa but this time a lot of other cars followed his, he laughed at himself how he had made a fool of himself.

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