Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 34

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 34 Turning Tables

As Daisy rested in the room Charles and James panicked about Jamie who was still in a serious condition. Daisy was awake after 2 hours when James and Charles rushed into the room.

Seeing them tears came out of her eyes as she said "Sorry guys our plan failed because of me, I should have been more careful."

James hugged her tightly in his arms and Charles came closer and sat besides them on a chair and consoled her "You have done an amazing job, if it was not for you putting the antidote in her drink on the proposal night and bringing the certificates back we could not have done anything. You are amazing, it is Jacob who steeps down even lower the moment I think that he could not steep any lower."

James patted her head and spoke "Don't worry we will do something to make him delete your pictures but first we have to wait for Jamie to wake up."

Daisy looked at them worried "How will you come to know when she wakes up."

Charles spoke with full confidence "I bought one of his body guards who keeps me informed about him."

James was pleased "Charles you are amazing but what will you do next."

"Wait for some time until he let's his guard down and I trust Jamie can protect herself till then." Charles said getting up from the chair and moving towards the window, he stared at the moon for quite long finally turning back to his friends and smiling at them. They smiled back and there was a strength in their smile that meant that they would get Jamie back.

On the other hand Jacob came directly to the hospital after dealing with Daisy. He blackmailed them to withdraw their case and ask the police to stop pestering him, he felt like he had achieved a jackpot and now he could be with Jamie easily. In the evening the doctor informed him that her condition has stabilised and she will be shifted to a room, the news reached Charles to by the person working for him so he started making plans on how to meet her where Jacob never left her room and was always sitting by her side.

Charles was restless thinking about his wife and he could not sleep the whole night, James and Daisy stayed at his place while Jacob sent everyone home and was alone with Jamie.

Jamie regained her consciousness at about midnight when Jacob was sleeping by her side keeping his head on the side of her bed, sitting in a chair. Her heart felt heavy because she expected to see Charles by her side, as she tried to get up she felt a light pain but she wanted to escape from this man's grasp so she got up, removed her I.V. drip and oxygen mask and tried to escape but her movements woke him up and she was caught off guard. She didn't realize that he was awake and was about to open the bolt on the door when he placed his hand on hers stopping her, he put his another hand on her waist and made her turn towards him. They had no space between them and he was so close to her face that she turned it to other side, he moved his head closer "Are you trying to escape, let me show you something then I will give you two choices and you can choose any one."

Her heart beat raced as Jacob opened his phone and showed her Daisy's n.a.k.e.d pictures. He then smiled and again moved closer to her and said "Now either you go to Charles and her pictures go viral or you stay here and do as I say."

Her eyes welled up with tears though she didn't know the truth and thought that Daisy had betrayed her yet she could not let her pictures go viral "You are so vicious, I don't have a choice in this."

He pushed her to the bed and smiled viciously "If you know that then do as I say. Remove your clothes." she stared at him for quite long.

He jumped on top of her and leaning on closer to her ear he spoke again "I won't repeat myself and hurry up I don't have all day."

Tears rolled down her eyes but she removed her clothes this time, he clicked a few pictures and send them to Charles and spoke to Jamie again "Now you can put them on and I will wait until you heal then I can have fun with you. I will send in the doctor stay here." She put on her clothes and lay down on her bed dumbfolded by what had happened. With tears in her eyes she stared at the ceiling as Jacob came in with the doctor.

Charles was surprised to see her pictures with a message 'this is a surprise for you because these pictures must be more important to you than the other. All their efforts and plans had gone down the drain and they did not know what to do as the tables had turned for Jacob, Charles fell to the ground with tears in his eyes.

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