Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 37

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 37 Divorce

Jacob was send home and the police was informed who took guarded him all night until he woke up to take him into custody. Daisy and James had prepared a romantic dinner for the couple as a surprise. They enjoyed the meal and later Charles took a shower while Jamie cleaned up the mess he had created while she was away. Later she went to take the shower when Charles was drying his hair. She came out in her thin night dress which made her white skin almost visible which turned on Charles and he had been waiting so long to hold her in his arms. He went closer to her and so did she move closer to him, he placed his hands on her waist, she cupped her hands around his head and pulled him in for a long and deep kiss. Charles took her to the bed kissing and jumped over her. He was wearing a robe and as he started kissing Jamie's neck, she pulled open his robe. Charles's tried hard to unhook her dress's hook but after all the struggle he was irritated and ripped her dress apart, his hands moving all over her body and so were hers over his body. They had the whole night to themselves and they went on for several rounds until they were completely tired. Later Charles put his one hand under Jamie's head and the other was wrapped around her n.a.k.e.d back then they talked for quite a long time until finally falling asleep.

Next morning when Jacob was awake and the police was ready to arrest him he blackmailed and bribed the policemen before they left then he laughed to himself 'Jamie you are really smart but not smarter than me and now you will be in trouble.'

He had an extra copy of the pictures on his laptop that were in his phone, he sent those pictures to Jamie early in the morning who was still asleep because of the long night. He called her and she sleepily picked up the phone when a cunning voice came from the other side "You are really smart to try and cheat me but guess what you would like to have a look at the pictures I sent you."

She sleepily opened her messages and almost dropped her phone, now she was wide awake this time when she spoke in a scared tone "Please leave me alone Jacob, I wanna be with Charles."

He laughed "And I wanna be with you so now if you don't want me to do anything then better do as I say. I have already send you the divorce papers, you will divorce him and tell him that you love me or better write a note because your face won't be able to lie and you will start crying."

Before she could say anything the call was cut and she sat there in bed looking at Charles's face in daze for quite a long before tears started dripping down her eyes. She gathered the courage, got up, took a shower and wearing nice clothes she went downstairs to write down a note. When she was almost finished with writing the note the doorbell rang, it was Jacob's driver with the divorce papers and while she signed it a few teardrops fell on them but later she kept it with the note and went to Jacob's villa with the driver.

When Charles woke up, he searched for Jamie everywhere and when he went downstairs he saw the divorce papers on the kitchen table along with a note 'Charles I think I don't love you anymore and I have fallen in love with Jacob so I am gonna marry him. Good bye.'

Jamie could not bring herself to write anything more than that and Charles felt that something was not right because he could see the marks of teardrops on the divorce papers and on the table and note but he was in shock for quite a long time and fell onto the chair.

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