Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 38

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 38 Sucide

This time Charles could not just sit back, he knew that it had something to do with Jacob and she could not just abandon him after such a wonderful night so he hurriedly got ready and got into his car. He panicked all the way to his house and he had a weird feeling in his stomach that was bad.

Jamie had already reached at Jacob's place, he pulled her in his arms and gently moved his fingers across her cheek as her heart thumped heavily inside her chest just finding a way to get out. She was already scared and Jacob's teasing laugh scared her even more as he spoke "did you think it was that easy to get away from me dear."

She tried to pull herself away from him but ended up being pulled closer and surprisingly she started laughing, Jacob was taken aback and slapped her so hard on the face that she fell to the ground but kept laughing when he asked angrily "What are you laughing at."

She mocked her as she spoke "Why don't you give up already, it is destined that me and Charles will end up together, you are just wasting time."

Another slap landed on her face and his eyes were red with anger "Don't you dare say his name in front of me and mark my words you will definitely be mine."

She laughed again "I love him and I will say his name freely Charles."

Another slap and then she spoke out his name continuously when Jacob pushed her to the floor and landed a kiss on her lips and with a cunning smile spoke "This one is better I won't slap you, I will kiss you if you mention his name again."

She was rendered speechless when he teased her "Now say it."

She moved her head to the side as he was lying above her so he took the advantage and forced himself upon her. He was so hard on her that it made her scream and cry that was when Charles was at the door, hearing her scream he knocked hardly on the door and after a long time Jacob opened the door and Jamie stood behind him shocked and speechless. She did not know what to do so she was brought back to reality by Jacob's whisper in her ear "Kiss me or the pictures are out."

Her face lost it's colour but she pulled Jacob into a kiss when Charles finally spoke "Jamie tell me what is it, why are you doing this, I know this note is not true and I will help you out."

She was at the edge of the breakdown when Jacob whispered again "You know what to do be careful, I will go inside." then he spoke to Charles's "I will let you talk and Jamie I am waiting inside."

Charles looked at her with passionate look but before she could melt into his eyes she spoke coldly "Didn't you see the divorce papers, Charles I have had enough of you and Jacob is just perfect and has more money and power than you and if he is crazy about me why would I want to end up with a guy like you."

Her words pierced his heart and tears welled up in his eyes "Jamie I know this is not you and something is wrong, please tell me I will solve it."

She gathered her courage again "How are you gonna help me when I don't need it, you little crybaby." seeing him cry she was at the edge of break down when she spoke the last words "You better sign those papers." she slammed the door at his face and fell to the ground crying while Charles went back with tears in his eyes.

After some thought and crying Jamie got up the floor and went to the kitchen. She decided that if she could not be with Charles, she would rather not live so she grabbed a knife and cut her wrist. Within few seconds she was lying unconscious on the floor and hearing the voice, Jacob rushed to the kitchen and seeing her he shouted "Jamie" and then held her in his arms.

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