Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 41

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 41 Party

On the weekend both of them got dressed up for the party. Jacob held Jamie by her waist as he always did now. Jamie indeed looked elegant in that beautiful dress.

As they entered the big hall decorated for the party a lot of people came to greet Jacob and then there came Rachel with his father. She stood quietly as Mr. Roy greeted Jacob. Jamie smiled to herself 'Now this party is gonna be fun.'

She intentionally spoke out "Hello Ms. Rachel, you look pretty."

She gave a disgusted look to Jamie but because Jacob was standing nearby she forced a smile "Thank you, you look beautiful too."

Jamie smiled and after a little conversation Jacob took her to a side "Jamie dear you have to be alone for a while, I have some business to talk about, if there is any problem let me know."

Without saying a word Jamie stomped away making Jacob smile at her attitude. She went to have some drink and as she was holding a drink lost in her thoughts Rachel intentionally bumped into her which made her lose balance and she fell to the ground making the drink spill all over her dress.

Now all the eyes were on Rachel making her nervous. She only planed to spill the drink on her dress and never wanted to hurt her in front of everyone. Jacob rushed over and pulled Jamie up and the eyed Rachel scornfully as she spoke nervously "I am really sorry, I was not looking." but Jacob spoke with a harsh voice "Ms. Roy, how dare you hurt my woman, you should better see where you go."

She continued to same thing "I am really sorry."

Jacob gave her a death stare and took her out to the washroom where he ordered his assistant to bring a new dress and Jamie changed into it.

Jamie changed the dress and smiled recalling Rachel's scared face and then they went back inside. Rachel didn't dare to act again but she kept an eye on Jamie. Jamie felt hungry and she ate quite a lot. Later she started feeling nauseous and dizzy as Jacob was not besides her, she rushed to the washroom and started vomiting and when she came out she felt relaxed. Rachel had followed her and was waiting for her "You bitch, how dare you make me look like a bad person in front of everyone." she said hitting her face.

Jamie was not the one to be easily bullied so she pushed her to the floor "People have only seen your true colors and we clearly know who is the bitch here." She was about to leave when she was pulled by her hair and she fell to the floor.

Jacob came out trying to find Jamie, he first went to the washroom thinking that she would be there. He was about to call her name when he heard the sounds from inside and without thinking he rushed in and seeing Jamie on the floor and Rachel behind her he was angered and slapped Rachel "I warned you to stay away from her."

He helped Jamie up who gave Rachel a smile but as she suddenly got up she felt dizzy and fainted in Jacob's arms. Jacob was tensed and worried all of a sudden and took her back home in his arms. On his way, he bumped into Charles who was late for the party and seeing Jamie he was worried too but he had to show that he didn't care about her so he went straight to the party.

Jacob took him home and called the doctor to come in and have a look and then he waited for the doctor sitting besides Jamie on the bed holding her hand.

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