Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 42

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 42 Pregnant

Doctor came in rushing worried about Jamie. Jacob was worried about her fainting all of a sudden and when he heard the door bell ring, he quickly paced towards the door himself. He was relieved to see the doctor and took a deep breath before saying "Please have a look at her, I am really worried and suspicious about her condition."

The doctor was his really close friend so he understood the reason of his worry and the look on his face tensed too. Both of them rushed to the room and the doctor began to carefully examine her. She was absolutely fine so he finally did the pregnancy test, they waited for a few minutes all tensed up and it turned out that she was indeed pregnant. Jacob's face lost all it's colour and seeing this dangerous look on his face the doctor got up from the chair "It is not a big deal, you can force her to undergo abortion."

He was lost for a moment but regained himself "Of course, I will do that but when will she wake up."

"She will be up any moment now so I should probably leave."

Jacob walked him to his car and went back in, he was so angry at the thought of Jamie and Charles being together that he wanted to punish her but she was to weak right now. He changed her clothes, hugged her tightly from behind, put his leg on her legs, one arm under her and the other above he waited for her to wake up. Jamie woke up with a gentle m.o.a.n trying to move around but she had no space and she suddenly heard a low voice in her ear "so you had a lot of fun with your husband after drugging me hm"

She was dumbstruck and her heart beat fastened "How did you know."

He gently rubbed his hand around her belly without letting her go and his tone become harsh "Anyone would."

Jamie was stuck with the feeling of both happiness and sadness all together but she remained silent which angered Jacob and he bit her neck making her shout. He kept biting her all over while she tried to struggle out of his embrace shrieking for help. When he finally let go he said lying on top of her "Don't worry we will abort this baby anyway."

Jamie pushed him away "You can do anything you want but I am never going to let you kill my baby."

He hopped back on top of her and bit her neck again "I will and I can make you do things you know that."

Tears flowed down her cheeks wetting her neck as she tried to free herself Jacob spoke again "Let's get married next weekend, I don't want to wait any longer."

He went out leaving her in pain and she finally slept crying the night.

Next morning Jacob left early and Jamie decided to watch some TV so she switched to news channel and the main news was that Mr. Charles Cullen was found in bed with Rachel Roy. She was shocked at this though she trusted him but she had already pushed him away and now she was carrying his child in her uterus.

Then she thought of Rachel who was clearly a bitch but she made her worry about Charles and his heartbreak. She knew that he was strong enough to handle everything but she still had to think of a way to save her baby.

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