Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 45

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 45 Investigating

At first Jacob ignored the knock and continued but later the when the person kept knocking repeatedly he angrily got off the bed and flung the door open and seeing one of his servants standing outside he shouted "What is it?"

The servant kept his cool and said innocently "Sir, there is fire in the kitchen."

Jacob hurried down when the servant entered the room and saw Jamie in tears "Ma'am I am Joey send by Mr. Cullen to save you. I initiated the fire when I heard you scream because I knew something was wrong and I am sorry that you have to go through all this but I promise to find everything very soon to get you out of here.

Jamie was gasping for breath as she turned to and said breathlessly "Thank you but please be fast or he will kill the baby inside me."

Joey nodded his head and ran towards the kitchen where he heard Jacob screaming "You bunch of useless people if you can't do things right then better leave, don't mess around."

Everyone was scared by him and didn't dare to say anything so he continued "if anything goes wrong again you all will be jobless."

He stomped back to the room but Jamie was not in there, she hid herself in the washroom. Jacob waited for her to come out but when she didn't he knew she was trying to escape him so he started banging the door angrily "Either you come out or I will break the door."

Jamie was scared that this man had gone mad so she sat in one corner frightened. When there was no sound from the other side he liked the door hard and then with his whole body he knocked the door down. Jamie's heart beat fastened as he held her by her shoulders and pulled her up "You dare not listen to me."

He threw her in the bathtub and turned on the cold water, removing his clothes he jumped in.

Joey knew he didn't have much time so he stole Jacob's laptop and within few minutes cracked his password, he opened the pictures and tried to find out how many copies it had, he was expert at this. It had 2 copies other than the original one so he called Charles worried "Sir the original copy was destroyed and I am about to destroy another copy but there is one more copy of this which I can't find."

Charles started thinking of where the last copy could be but he was suddenly worried about something else "Where is she right now."

"Hiding in the washroom but the door will be broken soon you have to think fast."

Charles thought for a while and then picked up his car keys "Wait for me I will be there in 10 minutes."

On his way to the villa he called the police and told them everything asking them to wait outside.

The police chief praised him "You have done a great job Mr. Cullen."

"Sir, I can do anything for my wife so this time he better be careful."

"So do you know where the third set of pictures is."

He smiled and spoke "No but he will tell me about them himself, don't worry."

"Are you sure."

"Yes please stay with me and come in when I say."

"Got it we are heading out, he has troubled us a lot."

He called Joey and asked his to stay with him on call and do as he says.

He was there before the 10 minutes were over, he banged the and headed to the washroom were he saw n.a.k.e.d Jacob trying to remove Jamie's clothes while forcing a kiss on her pressing her to the edge of the bathtub soaked in water. The tears in Jamie's eyes drove him crazy and he kicked Jacob in his face and he was caught off guard and hit the tub. They both started at each other angrily and Jamie felt relieved seeing Charles but she felt her head spin and everything blurring around her but she managed to keep her eyes open until the end of the fight for Charles.

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