Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 46

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 46 It's Over

Jamie struggled hard and kept her eyes open as Charles pulled Jacob up by his shirt with and then punched him in the face as his blood was boiling right now "You dare lay a hand on my wife."

Jacob laughed and pushed him back "She gave you the divorce papers, she wants to be with me."

"I know she doesn't, tell me what's going on."

Charles held his shirt again while asking, Jacob grabbed his hand and said "You are indeed smart but not smarter than me I still have her pictures that can go viral so back off."

Charles gave a laugh and then when he saw Jamie not being able to hold herself conscious he quickly punched his face again "I am smarter than you because I had one of my men in your house to destroy all the pictures."

"That is not possible, it was not easy to find them." Jacobs was nervous now.

"You think, that laptop had such an easy password and that stupid....." he deliberately left that sentence midway and continued "You think you are really smart to have only 2 copies."

Jacob got even more nervous and fell into Charles trick easily as he spoke confidently shaking Jacob's confidence totally "How can you crack the password of my safe and I only had that hard copy."

"Charles smartly spoke in the phone "Joey you didn't tell me about the hard copies in the safe of his study but anyway you did a great work."

He then punched him again and beat him until Joey went to Jacob's study room and found the safe. It took him five minutes to crack the password when there was a hasty voice from the Bluetooth "Hurry Jamie is fainting, she can't hold any longer and neither can I. Joey quickly opened the safe and burnedthe pictures inside it quickly responding into the phone "Done."

"Good job."

Charles kicked him down to the floor and the spoke to the policemen to come in and get him. They hurried inside and finally arrested Jacob successfully after so many failed attempts but Charles didn't want to see him alive so he played something involving the police. He then rushed towards Jamie who had been struggling hard to remain conscious, she smiled at him with all the colour lost from her face and when Charles picked her up from the tub she pulled him into a kiss sending chills down his so but then he kissed her back taking her out. He took her to the hospital and after some medication she was fine and when she woke up only Charles was there besides her. She tried to steal a kiss thinking that he was asleep but she realized she was wrong as soon as the kid was returned and deepened making her blush all over.

When they parted after a long time Jamie held him by his neck lying on the bed "So you were awake."

"And you are seducing me."

"Really." saying this she kissed him again and then she let him go and asked in a serious tone "Is Jacob arrested?"

"Charles tried teasing her but was scolded "You still care about him."

"Shut up, tell me."

"We made an accident happen by drowning the police van into the water, the policemen swam out but Jacob drowned because he was handcuffed. I know it is not a wise idea to kill someone but he is so cleaver that he could come for you again and I love you."

Jamie looked at him for long time just willing to cherish the beauty in front of him then said softly "I love you too and I am so happy that this is finally over and we can be together forever."

"Me too."

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