Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 47

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 47 Cravings

After a few days Jamie was allowed to go home even though Charles insisted for her to stay longer but in the end he could not win over an argument with Jamie. Charles left his company in the hands of James and decided to stay with Jamie until the baby was born, although Jamie did not agree to that but she had to give up to his stubborn attitude.

The morning she was discharged from the hospital she lay in the bed quietly while Charles prepared breakfast for her. After finishing with the preparation he gently entered the room and stared at Jamie's resting face for quite a long time before waking her up with a kiss on her forehead "Sweetie breakfast is ready."

She woke up with a smile and hugged Charles as he sat besides her "You know I have been wanting to be back to this since a long time."

Charles smiled while serving her the food "Less talking and more eating." he had become the best caring Dad and husband as he took care of both of them. She smiled and then they started having their breakfast talking when Jamie started teasing her "So what are you gonna do about your new girlfriend."

He knew she was teasing her by Rachel's name so he joined in "Oh about that I was thinking that I should be spending more time with her after all she is my girlfriend."

Jamie smiled and continued "Sure, why not and I have a suggestion, bring her home and I will treat her to dinner and then your wife and girlfriend can get along."

They both laughed and then suddenly Charles pressed his lips against her giving her a little peck he said with all the sincerity in his eyes "Don't you try to get along with her I will deal with her later because right now I want to focus on my wife and my child."

She was moved by his words and blushed lowering her head and staring at her food while eating. After the breakfast Charles cleared the bed, washed the dishes and then came back to the room to sit beside Jamie "So what are you planning to do today."

Jamie did not say anything but quietly hugged him then after some time she looked at him and said "I have not slept properly for so long, hug me to sleep." seeing her cute face he slid under the sheets with her and with one hand under her neck and the other on her back, he hugged her tightly placing one of his legs lightly over her. Jamie felt all the warmth and comfort around her as she quickly dozed to sleep. They both slept until the evening when Jamie was woken up by hunger and she woke Charles up "Charles I am free hungry."

Charles looked at the time and then at Jamie "Obviously you are hungry, it is 5 in the evening, we have been sleeping for so long." Charles hurried to the kitchen brought her some snacks and then picking up his phone he asked her "What do you wanna eat, I will order it."

Jamie named a dozens of items while Charles obediently ordered them. Later he ordered somethings for dinner too and then they watched a romantic series all night even while having dinner. They were not sleepy because they had slept for so long so they were awake till 2:30 when Jamie said "Honey, I have a craving for chocolate ice cream right now."

Looking at her face he could not say no but he had to "Sweetie it's 2:30 in the morning, you won't get it anywhere."

"I don't know I am craving for it badly."

Charles was shocked at her childish behavior but finding it cute and thinking of something he said "OK, get dressed, we will go on a long drive and we will have the ice-cream on our way."

Jamie's face lit up and she went upstairs to get ready while Charles was so happy seeing her like this and he too slowly got up to get ready.

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