Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 48

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 48 Sweet Moments

Charles took her out for a long drive first, there was a lake at an hours distance to their house but Charles drove slowly all the way they kept chatting and it took them one and half hour to reach the lake. Charles quickly got out of his car and hurried to open Jamie's door, he then took her hand which she placed in his blushing and got out. Charles closed the door and locked the car and then he held her hand and walked to the edge of the lake.

The cold breeze swept over their face as they sat on the stairs on the edge of the lake, a gentle smile was spread across Jamie's face as she held Jacob's hand. Suddenly something stroke Jamie's mind she took her hand away and removed her shoes dipping her feet in the water, seeing her turn all childish Charles smiled, moving closer to her he held her by her waist "What are you doing."

She got excited and placed her hand on his thigh "Quick remove your shoes and place your feet in water it feels so good."

Without waiting for his answer she began removing his shoes when he held her hand and pulled her up "I will do it wait."

She smiled and watched Charles take off his shoes and place his feet in water and then he again placed his hand on her waist. Jamie rested her head on his shoulder, both of them peacefully enjoyed the sound of water and that deep and calm sound made Jamie fall asleep but Charles didn't notice it at first when he started speaking "Jamie I just wish we could stay here forever but we can't so I have a little surprise for you."

When Jamie didn't react it was then he realized that she had fallen asleep, he smiled and carefully removed his coat to wrap around her so she might not catch cold. He enjoyed seeing her sleep and gently kissed her forehead and then rested his head on her and soon he was asleep to.

An hour later Jamie was woken up and she did not notice Charles sleeping and her movements woke him up as he said "You awake."

She smiled and nodded then quickly moved out of his grip suddenly realizing something "I still want to eat ice cream, how can you fool me by bringing me to such a romantic place." she said angrily.

Charles smiled that how foolish she was to realize it too late. Now looking at her face in the moonlit night his heart raced she looked even more adorable now and that glow of pregnancy made her the prettiest. He could not restrain himself and pulling his feet out of water he pressed his lips on her, Jamie was about to fall back by this sudden action but his hand was fast to support her. Parting from the kiss he answered her question "I dare not fool my wife come let's go to have ice cream."

It was 5:30 now and by the time they would reach it would be 7:00 so there was a place he knew would be open so he drove directly to that place. Jamie fell asleep in the car again, Charles stopped the car and adjusted her seat so she doesn't have sore back then adjusted the AC and continued driving. She slept cutely like a little baby.

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