Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 50

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 50 Apology

Jamie woke up at around 4 o clock, took a shower and got dressed and when she came out she woke Charles up and asked him to get ready. He sleepily rubbed his eyes "Are we going somewhere."

She just looked like a little child's at this moment and Jamie was so attracted to him, she went to him and wrapped her arms around his neck leaned forward "Darling would you get ready for me, I want you to accompany me somewhere."

He smiled and was totally woken up seeing her so close and suddenly kissed her and then he pulled her by her waist and fell on the bed, Jamie on top of her. She was distracted for a short while and was engraved into the kiss but then she realized what she was upto so she bit his lower lip lightly and as he felt the pain she pulled herself up and got to her feet and Charles let an "Ouch" to which Jamie replied sternly "Stop messing around and get ready." he agreed and stood up to get ready and just to mess with Jamie before going into the washroom he quickly kissed Jamie again and ran towards the washroom. Jamie smiled and then she decided to get back to the work, she had asked James to help her with Rachel's phone number so when Charles went into the washroom, he called Rachel and went out of the room to talk "Hello Ms. Rachel, I am Jamie I just wanted to meet to apologize for my rudeness the other day and I was just hoping if I could meet you."

"Sure I will be so glad to meet you Mrs. Cullen."

Her tone was sure sarcastic but Jamie was happy that she agreed to meet. Rachel had found everything about Jamie so now she decided to create a lot of trouble for her. They decided the place and time to meet. When Charles came out they had something to eat before leaving which he prepared quickly. Jamie drove the car and nervously kept looking at Charles and when he was tired of it he said "Okay spill it now, what is it that you want to tell."

She said nervously "Alright don't freak out but it is that last night I told you that I wanted to apologize to Rachel so we are going there."

He was agitated but controlled himself "You were wrong but that doesn't make her any better, she is not a nice person and not at all worth your apology."

Jamie calmly replied "Okay listen, I am just doing it so that I don't feel guilty about being a jerk and I don't care what kind of person she is I just want to apologize to her."

Charles calmed down "I am obviously not going in with you so why did you bring me along."

"You are going to sit just on the next table and if anythings gets out of hands, just come and save me."

He laughed crazily "So you finally realized the importance of your husband."

She gave him a blank look and continued driving.

When she reached the place she saw Rachel already waited and asked Charles to come in a few minutes later. She shook hands with her and then apologized "I am really sorry for being a jerk to you, I just wanted to create trouble for Jacob and not disturb you, I am really sorry."

She was indeed a bitch and it was clear in her words "Are you really apologize or are you scared that I will seduce your husband which is very easy because now that you are pregnant he must not be interested in you."

She ignored her words and passed her the gift she had prepared "Here is the gift which shows my true sincerity and deep apology." to avoid listening to anymore nonsense or getting into any stupid argument she got up and was about to leave when Rachel followed her and spoke when they were standing next to Charles's table "Don't worry I won't keep him for long, he is just a toy that I will throw him away after using and then you can... " and before she could finish a strong punch landed on her face and she fell to the ground when Jamie opened her clenched fist "Don't you dare insult my husband with your filthy mouth."

Charles was taken aback by her words and quickly got up to kiss her and then took her out and whole sitting in the car he said "The more I come to know you the more deeply I fall in love with you. I just love you so much."

Jamie blushed "I love you too."

"You don't need to say that you already proved it and thank you so much for trusting me and standing up for me."

"Stop with the formalities and I will always do that because I love you."

Charles stopped the car and pressed his lips to her kissing her deeply and he forgot that he was in the middle of the road."

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