Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 51

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 51 Planning

He was so engrossed in the kiss that the car honking from behind could not be heard by him and Jamie was too flushed to hear it too. The person in the car behind them was Rachel and she was already frustrated with Jamie that she tried to blew up her anger by honking and when the car in front of them did not move she got out of her car and banged the door loudly then she knocked on the drivers window of the car. Charles came back to reality seeing Rachel knocking at the window he lowered his window pane and Rachel's sharp voice irritated his ears "You can do this PDA somewhere else instead of the middle of the road."

Both of them smiled at each other and Charles drove the car as if she was never present over there which raged her even more. She called her friends and went to the spa with them. There she told them about Jamie and because all her friends were with her because of her money they had to agree with her and stand by her side in whatever she says.

So she spoke as if Jamie was the actual cruel person "I just want to have a bite of Charles but this Jamie is the stone I between that I have to remove."

All her friends nodded their heads but were actually thinking that poor Jamie was this cunning fox's target. She kept complaining and scheming all the time and her friends quietly though that they had put themselves in difficult spots by coming over.

Later that evening Jamie and Charles went for her shopping for some pregnancy clothes and James and Daisy came along with them. Jamie ditched Charles and took Daisy aside away for them "Daisy now I asked you to come so that you can help me with shopping for Charles's birthday next week, I have the whole day planned for him you message James to keep him away from us."

Daisy smiled and quickly did as she said "Done" then she teased her "So Mrs. Cullen planning a surprise for Mr. Cullen."

Jamie blushed "Shut up and come with me to buy a gift."

"What are you going to buy."

"I don't know, I just can't decide what to give him."

"Tch, let's go and find something out for you."

She smiled and quickly followed Daisy behind her.

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