Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 55

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 55 Surprise 4

After the party was over James and Daisy were only left Charles didn't mind their presence in the room and as Jamie was cleaning up a little mess, he went behind her and held her from the back gliding his hand across her stomach that send shiver down her spine. She rotated her head to look at him but he started kissing his neck. Jamie blushed and tried to OK push his away saying "Are you crazy, we are not alone."

"I don't mind them." he said continued to kiss her.

Daisy said in a harsh tone "Get a room you two."

Charles looked at her and rolled his eyes "Alright."

He picked Jamie up and marched towards his room Jamie looked at Daisy and asked her for help because she could not let him enter the room right now as it was set for the night. Daisy thought of something and said "Charles wait."

He said in an irritated tone "What is it now."

Her voice softened "Can I borrow Jamie for a minute, it's urgent."

He was totally irritated but he said sternly "Just 2 minutes hurry up."


Daisy then took her aside "Listen now when you reach the room pretend that you dropped the keys somewhere and you can't find them, he is so desperate at this moment that you can suggest him to sleep in the guest room and he won't suspect anything."

Jamie hugged her best friend "You are amazing, I will go then."


Before Jamie could go to him he picked her up again saying to Daisy "Your time is up."

James had been watching this and he could not control his laughter "Tch, thc, you are so restless, be careful she is pregnant."

They both blushed but Charles ignored him by saying "Close the door on your way out."

James laughed again as Charles headed towards the room. Jamie did as Daisy suggested and the ended up in the guest room. Charles then began to kiss her but his was very gentle not to hurt her or the baby when Halfway Jamie stopped him "Go to sleep now, I have some plans for you when you get up."

He obediently nodded and went to sleep hugging her tightly, Jamie smiled and went to sleep too burying her head in his chest.

Charles woke up around noon and got ready for his surprise day ahead then he woke Jamie up who got ready as fast as she could. They headed out by 1:30 and got into the car.

"Jamie where are we going."

"Have some patience."

She had booked a balling area for those two for an hour. She rushed to the place and went inside asking him to hurry up. He was surprised to see his wife accompanying her for this but he was very happy. Jamie took the ball and hit the pins all in one go, Charles was shocked "Where did you learn this."

She smiled "Forget it, your turn."

He then picked up a ball and missed 2 in the first go then in the second go he missed them again. On the next turn Jamie accidentally picked up a heavier ball but Charles supported took the ball from her hand "What do you think you are doing, don't you know you are pregnant. Here take this." he said handing her a lighter ball. She pecked his cheek and hit again, all the pins down. By the end Jamie had the leading score and she won the game.

Then she took him to the mystery house, there they had a few rooms and some difficult situations in every one which could be chosen and then you had to escape from that place in time to win the prize and if you can not make it someone would come to help you. They choose to escape the woods in the cabin, they had to solve some puzzles and escape the doors by finding the keys on their own. The time allotted was 1 and a half hour and there were cameras inside to help them twice in the whole game.

They were both sharp and quick and completed the game in 1 hour 15 minutes. It was 5 in the evening and Jamie took him to the lake for some walk and a perfect evening together. At this time the boats were moving in the water so they paid for one and Charles peddled all the way not allowing Jamie to do it. They enjoyed the evening by the park and finally headed home all tired. After reaching back Charles held her in her arms "This was the perfect birthday of my life, thank you so much sweetie." he was about to kiss her when Jamie tilted her head and looked aside avoiding his kiss and then looking into his eyes pulling him closer she said "The day is not over yet baby, there is one more surprise left, come with me. She took her to the guest room, Charles followed smiling and happy, she opened the cupboard and took out the clothes she had bought and placed in this room. He wore the suit Jamie had brought for her and Jamie quickly got ready and went downstairs to get the food she had prepared and frozen. She heated up the food quickly and placed them on the table then she went back to wear the dress. It was a beautiful turquoise dress with a deep back and it was her knee length and it had straps around her neck.

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