Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 56

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 56 Surprise 5

She texted him to come to the room while she started lighting the candles. Charles was still getting ready when he read the message, he got so excited that he almost choked himself with his tie but then he loosened it, hurriedly did his hair and slipping the gift he had bought for Jamie into his pocket, he rushed to the bedroom.

Jamie stood by the door waiting for him, seeing her in front of him dressed so beautifully he lost his footing and fell down on the floor, Jamie could not resist and started laughing then offered him a hand. He held her hand but instead of getting up he pulled Jamie down carefully and kissed her out of the blue "You dare laugh at me."

Jamie's cheeks turned red and a hot atmosphere was created as she tried to pull herself up but he wouldn't let her go "Stop it Charles, my surprise is getting ruined, get up."

He let her go after a while of struggle and then got to his feet and back hugged her "How can I let my beautiful wife go anywhere and before I see your last surprise, I have something for you close your eyes."

"No I won't, first let's go inside."

He did not listen to her and slowly kissed his neck, Jamie closed her eyes as he pulled the beautiful necklace from his pocket and put it around her neck whispering in her ear "Now open your eyes."

She saw a diamond necklace around her neck and a smile spread across her face as she touched it. Seeing her smile Charles smiled as well and whispered again still holding her in his arms "Open it."

She looked at him and he nodded, she opened the locket which was heart shaped, it had two hearts on the side and one in the middle. On the sides one had Jamie's picture and the other had Charles picture but the middle one was empty. Jamie looked at Charles again, he held her more tightly and placed a hand on Jamie's belly "When our baby is born his or her picture will go in there."

She smiled at him as he smiled back she said "Now it's my turn for your birthday gift but first come in."

He finally let her go as they both entered the room, Jamie pulled the drawer and took out the gift, handing it over to Charles she patiently waited for him to open it. It was a smart watch which opened with a password and the same kind of frame was revealed as the locket, Jamie closed to him "We think so alike."

Charles smiled and then looked around the room pulling Jamie into her arms "I think the passwords of both the things should be same."

Jamie nodded and then they both set the password to 'Jamles' that contained the letters of both their names.

Charles pulled her more closer "So this was the last surprise."

Jamie blushed "No, come with me."

She took his to the balcony where the table was set and the candles were lit which filled the air with beautiful aroma. On the side of was written with 'Happy birthday hubby' which was lit with different coloured lights. Heart shaped balloons were spread all over the floor, Charles's heart melted completely, he hugged Jamie tightly kissed her head and his voice became heavy as tears welled up in his eyes "I have never been loved like this, thank you for always being there for me, trusting me and standing by my side. I love you so much Jamie."

Jamie silently patted his back, she had never expected this to happen "I will always love you."

He pulled himself to look directly into her eyes "Jamie promise me, you won't ever leave me alone."

"I will always be there by your side sweetie, now come let's eat the food before it gets cold. Charles smiled and they begin eating. After finishing the food Charles picked up Jamie and placed her on the bed then removing his coat and tie, he opened a few buttons of his shirt and then slowly coming above Jamie he kissed her lips "Have you been trying to seduce me all this time."

Jamie placed her arms across his neck and pulled her closer "Was it wrong to seduce my husband."

He placed another kiss "Don't you dare do that to any other man."

Jamie teased him "And if I do."

"Oh really." he began to kiss her neck as his hands moved smoothly across her back.

Jamie stopped him by moving him to the side and hugging him tightly "You can't do that, I am pregnant."

Charles made an ugly face but he then hugged her tightly and then they both fell asleep.

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