Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 57

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 57 Marry Me

Next morning Jamie was woken up by a call from Daisy, when she picked up the call she was woken from her sleep completely by a shouting voice of Daisy "Guess what, I am getting married."

"What" Jamie shouted loudly waking Charles up.

"I am coming over, I will tell you everything in detail."

"Alright, come over I am waiting."

When she hung up the call she was met by the worried look on Charles face. She knew what he wanted to ask so she answered right away "Daisy is getting married."

Charles heaved a sigh of relief "You should be happy why are you worried."

"I am worried that how am I going to persuade you to go to work."

"Why would I need to do that."

Jamie gave him a head flick "Idiot, if she is getting married that means that James is getting married too so he will be busy or are you going to make him work while he is getting married."

He put his arms around Jamie's neck "He is so evil to not let me spend a moment together with you."

Jamie smiled "He sure is." she then pushed him back "Go get ready."

She got up and was about to enter the washroom to take a shower when she was held by Charles from behind and bringing his face close to her ear he whispered "Let's do that together."

Jamie blushed and pushing him to the bed she went to the washroom slamming the door in his face. He smiled at the closed door and then got up to take his clothes. He went to take the shower when Jamie came out.

They went downstairs to wait for Daisy and James when they were done, they both were there 10 minute later. Daisy was blushing as James held her close to him.

Jamie went to her held her hands and said all excited "Tell me when did he propose. You were here just the night before yesterday and you are getting married now."

"He took me to the amus.e.m.e.nt park yesterday and we enjoyed all day and later at the dinner he had planned a surprise dinner. A room was all decorated and lit brightly and a banner held saying Marry Me, Daisy. How could I say no."

When she was done telling it James held her in his arms from back "And I also said I want to spend the rest of my life with you please marry me, just in this way"

Daisy's cheeks turned dark red at his words and before Jamie could tease her she freed herself and punched James lightly "Every little detail is not to be mentioned."

Jamie and Charles laughed then Charles said in a serious tone "James take your time off, I will take care of the company."

"I am sorry Charles you have to go to work."

Jamie interrupted "It's fine, I am getting tired of seeing him all day long. I need some time."

Charles raised his eyebrow and looked at her "Oh, really."

"Hmm, go to work." she teased him.

He pressed his lips over hers and kissed her hungrily then he said "Don't you say that again." Jamie's cheeks turned red and she only nodded her head.

The next day Jamie started helping Daisy and James with their wedding and Charles went to the company to take care of the business. He went to his office and asked his secretary to bring in the files of the people who were recruited in his absence because he had assigned that rash to James before leaving as the new staff was required. He calmly went through the file and his eyes widened seeing the record of Rachel as a person in his department. He slammed the file angrily and called James "Why is Rachel working in our company."

"Charles we didn't know who she is earlier and you were the one who recruited her."

"Damn it."

Charles hung up the phone and slammed it on the table.

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