Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 58

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 58 Seducing

He calmed down sat down quietly in the chair and started thinking of the reason of her being here. It could not be that simple because after being ignored by him so many times she was still persistent. As he was thinking he got a call from Jamie and his voice softened "How are you doing sweetie."

Jamie spoke in a blunt voice "James has told me about Rachel. Tell me how are you going to deal with her."

"I don't know, I was thinking about it."

"It's fine just don't be aggressive and handle it carefully."


"I love you"

Charles blushed and as he said "I love you too darling." Rachel entered her office without knocking.

His posture became rigid and he emitted cold air which initially scared Rachel but she continued to pursue him and walk further but stopped when Charles's cold voice came "Stop right there."

He got up from the chair towards the door and opening it he said "Out, who said you could enter without my permission."

She was frightened out of her senses but kept her composure and walked towards him. She had worn an extra revealing and tight dress which revealed every part of her body carefully. She placed her hand on his shoulder "Why do I need to knock, we have even slept together, is there anything to hide."

Charles took her hand of him and pushed her out of the door and ruthlessly said "Don't enter my office until I allow you." slamming the door in her face.

Rachel's face darkened as she knocked at the door and waited outside for a few minutes "Come in"

She went to him and quietly placed the files on the table and pointed where to sign by bending on his desk revealing her body even more. Charles continued to sign ignoring her presence completely and after she was done, she had no intention to leave without getting closer to him.

She moved to his side and sat by the side of his chair "Why are you behaving like this, don't you think I am prettier than your wife."

Charles's eyes turned red with anger he got up from seat and shouted at her "Get out."

"You are the one who chose me for this job, why are you shouting at me now." she said a little disappointed.

He went to his door "Alright then if you are not leaving, I will go out."

All the things in his office were well protected so he didn't fear leaving her there alone and went out of his office. Rachel kicked the chair angrily as Charles went out and then clenched under her teeth "Charles I will get my hands on you and make you regret for treating me like this."

Charles went out and then went to check on the employees in the office. Rachel then went to her cabin by the time Charles entered his office again. He relaxed in his chair and started doing his work on the laptop while thinking about how to get her out of the office.

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