Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 65

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 65 Rescue

After a lot of struggling Jamie had given up her hope that she could make out alive but on the other hand Charles made all the efforts to rescue her with his injured leg. He struggled hard and finally got hold of Jamie's hand, he happily pulled her closer and seeing her closing her eyes he quickly swam out of the water ignoring his pain which was actually killing him.

He took her out and started pumping her chest to get out all the water from her lungs but she was still not breathing so he gave her mouth to mouth breathing which had no effect either. Tears welled up in his eyes as he pumped harder not giving up hope "Get up Jamie, you can't give up that easily, you are my little fighter. Come on get up, please."

As he started crying hard Jamie finally coughed and sat up. She was immediately pulled in a hug by Charles who was still crying "You scared me to death."

Jamie was scared as well by the incident so she stammered as she spoke "Rachel... she is too dangerous."

"I know and I have a plan to deal with her and to know what she is up to."

Jamie hugged him tightly "Promise me, you will be careful."

"I will be but before that I want to make sure that you and the baby are safe so I will let you live here for some time, I mean there is a village nearby which is not very popular so no one will ever find you and I will tell them that you are dead."

"That is perfect, let's go then before it gets dark."

Charles nodded and then looked at her, her wet clothes revealed her perfect curves which made his cheeks go red so he removed his coat and quickly wrapped around her and picked her up. As soon as he stood up he fell to the ground with pain in his leg that was when Jamie noticed her leg full of blood. She begin to panic then tore her dress from it's lower hem and tied it around his leg then wrapping his arm around her neck made her stand.

It was not a long distance so he limped to the village with her support. Jamie felt a little discomfort in her stomach but she didn't mention it first. When they reached they realized that it was not a lowly village infact it was well equipped and had a hospital with good doctors too. Jamie took him to the hospital and because he saw her placing the hand on her belly he was the first to speak to the doctor "Doctor my wife is pregnant and she was almost drowned in water please have a look at her."

Jamie's eyes widened as he was clearly the one more injured so she made him sit and said "Don't bother first have a look at his leg."

The doctor smiled and later both of them were taken to different rooms for check up. Charles was indicated not to do strenuous activity for a month and Jamie was advised to take proper care.

Charles helped Jamie to settle down and they both slept in a small house that night. He decided to stay a few days with her and then leave.

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