Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 70

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 70 Backfire Of The Plan

He parked the car outside the village and walked to her place. He happily went in front of the house but seeing a car parked in front of the house he was terrified and quickly knocked on the door but no one answered. He was terrified even more, his heartbeat fastened and he started knocking on the door more loudly.

Jamie was taking a shower and she was startled by the continuous knocking on the door. She hurriedly wiped herself and put on the bathrobe and ran towards the door but before she could open it it was knocked down. She tried to stop herself from running but lost her footing and she fell directly into Charles's arms.

They stared into each others eyes, seeing her in a bathrobe, he frowned and held Jamie's chin "Do you answer the door wearing a bathrobe."

Jamie frowned, got to her feet and punched him in his chest "Idiot, I would have to answer it if my door is going to be knocked down." she said looking at the door.

Charles felt guilty of his actions recalling how harsh he had been right now, he lowered his head and spoke in a low tone "I saw a car parked outside so I was worried if you were in danger. Jamie rolled her eyes "Wait here, let me wear some clothes."

Charles pulled her into his arms "Is it really necessary, I have seen everything."

Jamie blushed and he started kissing her neck but she pushed him away "The door is broken so you need to come to the bedroom and tell me why are you here."

Charles nodded and when they were about to head towards the bedroom a voice came from the broken door "I knew you were alive."

Both of them turned around, Jamie looked confused at who the person was but Charles immediately protected her by stepping in front of her "What do you want."

He grinned a little "You must know by now but now that I look at your wife myself, I can say that my brother has a good taste."

Jamie hid behind him properly and held him by his shirt.

Charles angrily said "Come directly at me."

He laughed "That is the reason I am here because I knew you would definitely come."

"If you want you brother's business, you can have it."

"Really but how will you pay for his life." he paused and then looking behind him he continued "Oh yes, you can pay it with your wife. Charles punched his face and then a few men came in the door and held Charles."

Jamie stood there with her legs shaking with fear as Jacob's brother stepped towards he randomly held her by her waist with one hand and stroked her cheek with the other "You are too beautiful but before I do anything let me tell you about how I found you."

Charles struggled out of their grip but it kept getting tightened as he spoke "Let go of her, I will give you anything else."

He eyed Charles sharply still holding Jamie who struggled hard to get free "I always kept an eye on you but you would suddenly disappear and I am not a fool like Rachel who would believe your actions, I knew you were cooking something behind my back so today I personally followed you and coincidentally parked my car outside her house. I knew she is stupid enough to tell the truth so I had to be prepared."

Jamie was totally at lose and did not get a thing but kept struggling. He then laughed "Look now your plan backfired and your wife is in my arms."

He then lifted Jamie's chin "You didn't die but I will make you regret living and you will wish for death but don't worry I won't let you die easily."

He pinned her to the wall and bit her neck hard making her scream out loud with pain repeating his words "I will make you regret living."

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