Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 103

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 103 New Information

She was so close to him that her heart rate fastened and he was about to kiss her when she slammed the door shut just in his face. Inside her room she sat down just by her shut door placing her hand on her heart she thought to herself lest he should hear 'This person has turned my life upside down since the day he entered my life, how can I get my peaceful and happy life back, how do I get rid of him.'

She had to go to the school so she quickly took a shower and got dressed, she had thought that she would leave before Kevin to avoid any conversation but it was totally an unlucky day for her. Kevin was already ready and waiting for her to leave with her breakfast in his hands, she rolled her eyes at him and directly went out of the door towards her car. Before she could lock her car, Kevin was in her car next to her as she angrily ordered "Get out of my car."

He said in an authoritative tone this time "I won't and if you don't move we both will be late."

She banged the staring hard and started the car to leave when Kevin put her breakfast to her mouth and waited for her to open her mouth. She was filled with anger so she burst out or at least tried "Get your hands away, I don't...." and then the bread was stuffed into her mouth. As her hands went to her mouth, Kevin handled the staring and Rachel had no choice but to finish her toast. Although she was grumpy because of Kevin but most of her anger was due to hunger. She calmed down a lot and then the rest of the drive went silently. Nothing special happened in the school so they went back after the school, changed their clothes and went straight for the the investigation after having their lunch. This time they were looking at a new place which Kevin had found out.

They used the same device to overhear the conversation and they came to know that they had planned a major bomb blast in a mall to divert the attention of the people to the blast so they could easily export the drugs by ship and this was all the information they required as they recorded the place, date and day of the blast.

They directly went to David to give him all the information they had gathered who panicked a little but then gathered himself together "Rachel we have to make two groups, one will stop the export and the other has to prevent the blast."

Rachel nodded but then asked in panic "What is they change their plan."

Kevin smiled "Don't worry I didn't bring my device back so we can hear them." he said pointing towards the air pod in his ear.

David happily patted his shoulder "Well done, Kevin. Now you will take a group and go for the place where export is to take place and Rachel, you take a team and the bomb squad will be kept close enough to diffuse it."

Both of them nodded and they were a little relaxed as it was Tuesday and the plan was going to take place on Sunday and they had a lot of time to prepare.

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