Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 104

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 104 Forcing The Way In 1

Rachel was relieved that she could finally get rid of that man but he knew that was not going to happen so he had planned things out. He went home early with some gifts and called Daisy and James over. He gave Daisy a diamond necklace telling her he had earned for it and he gave James a beautiful gold chain. They talked for some time and then he mentioned that he was good at giving massages and he would love to give them one. They thought that he was a lovely person and allowed him to do it. He first gave the massage to Daisy who felt quite satisfied and relaxed and she dozed of to sleep praising him and saying that she was really impressed.

He then went to give massage to James, impressing him too and while he was doing that Rachel came in from the market with a full plan of throwing him out. She knew he would drag her family so she had planned everything, she gave him a cunning smile and said "Enough Kevin, I am breaking up with you."

Before he could say anything James spoke up "Why sweetie, he is such a nice guy and your uncle approves of it."

Rachel faked some tears "That is because, he has been nice to you uncle, he is cheating on me."

Rachel was the princess in the house and James could never let anyone hurt her niece, she was so dear to his. He held Kevin by his shirt and said angrily "How dare you cheat on my princess."

Rachel lowered her face pretending to be crying but she was actually smiling but she didn't know that this time she was dealing with a cunning fox who raised an eyebrow at he randomly began pretending along with her. He looked sincerely into James's eyes "I didn't" and then looked at Rachel "Why are you accusing me of cheating, how exactly have I cheated on you."

Rachel was not prepared for this but she could not give up so she quickly made up a story which he could not get out of "I saw you kissing someone else at our favorite spot yesterday." she said to make the story look more realistic. Kevin was totally amazed at how sharp this lady was.

James formed a punch with his free hand "Can you explain this now?"

He was really out of ideas but as he was going to be punched, a brilliant answer came to his mind "Oh that, she was my elder sister and I just kissed her on the cheek."

It was done and now her plan was down the lane, the shine in her eyes faded and now she was genuinely sad without any idea of what to say but she tried as James let go of his shirt "But you were kissing her lips."

He smiled came towards her, cupped her cheeks "Darling I have never kissed anyone other than you and you must have seen me when I was going to kiss her cheek and she suddenly turned her head and I almost kissed. Don't worry I only like you" and before she could come up with anything else, he kissed her lips.

Rachel wanted to kill him, she bit his lip hard and Kevin pulled her close releasing her lips he then whispered in her ear "You wild beast, you must be too good to bed."

She pushed him away saying loudly "You must never know."

Kevin smirked as she ran into her room and locked it "I just hate him so much."

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