Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 107

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 107 Mission Blast 2

Half of their plan was accomplished when people were running out of the mall but seeing this a few men, who stood at the entrance as the guards took out their gun and pointed at the public blocking their way out. Rachel and her team were in masks so that no one could recognize them as her teammates panicked, Rachel stood there with her composure of the leader and then said "Don't worry, we have a good opportunity to find the bomb and diffuse it so instead of panicking let's hurry." Everyone relaxed as her words made sense and then Rachel divided the whole group into smaller ones to search the whole mall as fast as possible without causing any harm.

They spread in all the directions and were connected to the bluetooth, soon they heard a voice of one of the men who were stopping people from getting out. He made an announcement in the Mike "Whoever spread the rumor about the bomb show yourself or every person standing here will pay for it. I will give you 5 minutes to step in front of me and your time starts now."

Rachel panicked at the voice for a few seconds but then relaxed and gave orders to her team "Listen everyone, don't panic and keep looking while I stall their time."

Everyone agreed and kept looking while she went to the front and stood in front of them.

One of them approached her and looked her up and down as she was wearing a mask he tried to remove it but she moved away saying innocently like a kid "I am sorry I was just making a joke and scaring her but I didn't know it would create such a chaos."

He felt that she was saying the truth by her innocent voice but now he couldn't listen because they had already pointed the guns and shown their true selves. He held her by her neck, his hands touching her chest and the other hand pointed the gun on her head "Little girl, you made a big mistake."

She could easily beat him and get out of this position as she felt irritated but she could not risk other people's life so she simply said like a little bunny with tears in her eyes "Sir, it was my mistake, please let others go, you can do anything you want to do with me."

He laughed like a villain as his hand moved down her chest even further and then moving his face to her neck he spoke "Really, you could make a delicious meal but I won't let go of anyone."

She was going to say "You can have me" when one of her teammates said that they have found the bomb.

She was relieved that now she could take action so she lowered the zip of her track suit a little attracting the attention towards herself and as the guns were lowered, the eyes staring at her, everyone rushed out and she pulled the zip up again.

The man who was holding her was about to remove her mask in anger and eat her up for real but now she took action and in no time he was beaten to the ground. It just felt like a blur and a few minutes for the others to attack her.

While she was fighting a man hit her on her head and took her to the place where they were trying to diffuse the bomb and said "Freeze"

Everyone frozen on the spot seeing Rachel.

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