Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 108

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 108 Mission Blast 3

Rachel was not unconscious for long but by the time her eyes opened, the timer on the bomb showed that it would blast in 8 minutes. She just opened her eyes to see that and then pretended to be unconscious again thinking about a plan quickly but before she could act she felt that a gun was pointed towards someone and the person said "Don't move because now everybody present here has to die."

Kevin took his team to the sea side and they took thier positions waiting for the right moment to attack. They quietly watched what was happening from a distance as the two young man with highly muscle body came out and talked to each other before shaking their hands. One of them loaded all the drugs on the ship but is was taken away before they could get onto it and it went to exact opposite side than they had planned, the rest of the team along with Kevin came out and surrounded the dealers and as they were merely the dealers but the head of this underworld group was not yet out who they had been planning to catch and they came to know that these people were associated with him. Kevin was disappointed because she knew she would not get anything from these people as they were only chess pieces and they themselves didn't care about their life so he ordered to kill them all but leave their leader alive and allowed him to escape. They went back to their place, Kevin asked everyone to take a break but they were still in shock to why did he let that person leave but no one dared to ask. After some time he called his teammate "I have planted a tracking device on his body, being the leader though he could not tell us anything because he would not know anything himself but right now he will go directly to his higher authorities to inform them about being exposed. We may not be able to get to the leader but we will at least be one step closer to this underworld Don."

Every one stared at him in surprise, no one could have thought this far, he was amazing. He impressed everyone with his intelligence and as everyone started at him , he broke the silence "Are you doing it or I will have to do this too."

Everyone came back to the present from their world of thoughts and one answered immediately in a scared tone "No sir, I will do it right away." saying this he hurriedly opened the laptop and begin doing his work.

You could learn a lot from him but he had zero tolerance for mistakes.

In a few minutes the man did his work and called "It's done, he is heading north, it is the place where the drugs were going to be transported." He paused to look at Kevin's reaction, he was in deep thoughts so he asked "What do we do now?"

"Let's form 4 groups of 3 people 2 people will come with me" and then he assigned 3 people to lead the other teams.

The leaders he selected chose their teams then he continued speaking "Patrick take the short cut and reach the delivery place before them after reaching there you are the incharge and you give orders according to the situation. Hurry up leave."

He got up and saluted her "Yes sir."

Kevin bowed his head giving him permission to leave and he rushed out.

He continued "Susan you follow the car and give orders. Leave"

She did the same before leaving.

"Justin stay here if something wrong is sensed, give wise orders and inform me immediately."

"Yes sir." he said and went in front of the computer screen.

At last he stood up and his team followed his move "We will wait for them at the place where we attached, some clues will definitely come up."

They nodded and moved out. They reached the place and started investigating but nothing valuable was found. All of them were connected to each other, Justin's voice was heard "Sir you guessed right they are returning back."

"Okay, we will take positions."

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