Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 109

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 109 Mission Blast 4

Susan was next "Someone is with him but he does not seem to be the head."

"He can't be, keep following."

Patrick was last to inform "he was the leader of the group who had been waiting for the supply and he has direct contact with Don who is instructing rest of them."

"Record their conversation and return. Susan stop following and returned, they know you are following and we are waiting for them so we will return too. Their retiring is just to distract us. Leave everyone."

"Yes Sir" echoed and everyone returned with only a recording of the conversation of Don which was enough for him to process a lot of things. It was almost evening so he asked everyone to leave and he left too with the recording in his hand. He was happy that as with evey step he was getting close to him but he was so desperate to arrest him and torture him to death because he was the reason she there were a lot of orphans right now and he was destroying the youth. The thought of that person still alive felt like a pain in his chest so he kept working.

Rachel had the same motive on the other side, she was going to going to follow them but now she realised that they didn't even care about their own life and they were ready to die so she instantly took action because she could not wait for the bomb to explode. As she was just going to take action one of them ran outside, Rachel knew he was headed towards some closer source of information, she opened her eyes and said "Please wait."

She used a highly seductive tone, making him stop and she freed herself from the people holding her and moved closer to him.

She held his neck and tactfully placed a tracker under his neck saying "You are so handsome."

He was moved but he had an important work to do so he threw her away and ran out. Rachel was back to normal and all the men standing there were soon lying on the floor but while she was fighting, everyone stared at her in disbelief and she said holding someone's neck "Stop staring and focus on your work."

No one could figure out what to do as she had changed her flirting attitude from a little while to a fierce leader but soon enough they realized that they had an important work to do. All of them focused on diffusing the bomb but it has a really complicated structure so even the bomb squad failed to do their work.

After Rachel finished beating them up she saw the situation and panic on everybody's face as the timer had only one minute left so she shouted "Everyone leave."

One of her teammates replied "But Ma'am, the whole place will be destroyed."

She said in a loud tone "Hurry up and leave, I will take care of that."

They were scared by her tone and left as she herself began to analyze the bomb but she could not find anything. Everyone outside were waiting for her and they started panicking when they realized that only 10 seconds left.

Inside Rachel spotted a chip that had to be removed very carefully and was deep inside but she had a little time left. She quickly began her work as the timer beeped 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and boom.

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