Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 112

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 112 Stronger Plan

On the other hand David was worried sick about them but he felt helpless as both their calls could not get through so he decided to visit Rachel at her house and send everyone home before leaving himself. By the time he reached, Rachel was just entering the house she heard a stern voice call "Where were you, I was worried."

She turned around to see David standing just behind her before she could respond, he continued "You didn't even care to pick up the call."

Rachel smiled faintly, asked him to come inside first. He let out a sigh and went inside making himself comfortable on the couch. Rachel brought two glasses of water, handing him one she took the other and sat on the couch next to him. He looked at her and waited for her explanation, she explained everything in detail. Listening to her the expression on his face changed from stern to worried as he said standing up "You should be resting then and what are you doing back at home when you should be in the hospital."

She said with a straight face "This thing is getting complicated and I want some help. I need three people to get to the depth of this case."

David was worried as he said "Are you sure, it can be dangerous."

"I never felt this confident before, please let me handle this."

After some thoughts he agreed and said "Alright but you have to be very careful, now tell me how many people do you want in your team."

She smiled happily "Three are enough."

He nodded happily too seeing her dedicated to her work as he said with a serious face "Alright so you can work with Justin, he is great at hacking, Patrick, he is great at fighting and Susan, she is great with all kinds of technological stuff and I know rest you can handle everything with your great brain" she smiled as he continued "Now go to your room and rest, start with your work tomorrow, I will leave now." she nodded and took him outside.

As he left she rushed to Kevin's room because she was sure that he had some clue and as she opened the door, she smirked at how right she was. The man was still unconscious so she locked the room again and went to her room to rest until he woke up. She was tired and still under the control of some anesthesia she dozed of to sleep.

David went to visit Kevin and he was heart broken seeing him like that. He was hit quite badly, David felt even more sad for him when he realized that this man had fallen in love with a woman who had sworn to never get married. She told David this thing while she was explaining him what had happened and she asked for a favor to stop Kevin from loving her as she had said "I never want to get married and fall for anyone, I have promised myself to remain single all my life and I don't want to hurt Kevin because he is a really nice and sweet person. I do owe him my life but I can't fall in love with him, I just want you to help me tell him the truth and ask him to love someone who can love him back because he really deserves someone a lot better." At that time he had casually agreed to help her but seeing his condition he realised how deep the love was in his heart and could not bring himself to fulfill his promise. He was relieved that Kevin was unconscious as that could give him some time to think about how to tell him everything.

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