Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 114

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 114 Surprise

After talking to David, she went back to the room and hit her hand hard on his neck and the man went unconscious she went back to her room to take some rest. She was not able to sleep at first and kept thinking about Kevin but soon she realised what she was doing so she talked herself out to stop thinking about him and focus on what she was doing. After lying down for some time she was unable to sleep so she got up and went to take a bath and finally after a hot bath she felt sleepy so she lay down and dozed off to sleep.

The next morning she was woken up early by a her doorbell. She expected her new partner at the door but as she opened the door she could not believe her eyes as she saw Kevin, she slammed the door in his face then clenched her heart and comforted herself "I must be imagining things, it can't be him..." and before she could stop thinking, she received a call from David "Rachel, Kevin felt better so he said that he is ready to work with you. I did try to stop him but he is stubborn and won't listen so please take care of him while I will send that person to you and the three of you can work together."

She simply said yes and the call was cut that was when the doorbell rang again. She opened the door and Kevin came in speaking in a sarcastic tone "A great way to welcome someone."

She ignored him "What are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be resting."

"I am completely fine" saying this he came closer to her and holding her against the wall, standing very close to him he continued "Are you worried about me."

Before Rachel could respond, he moved his head towards her neck "From being worried I remember you owe me a thank you gift."

As he was about to kiss her neck, she pushed him away and he fell to the ground as she spoke "You should keep your hands to yourself and we are here to work as a team so you are supposed to help me and I don't owe you anything."

He smiled, the cutest smile making her heart beat faster as he spoke "Alright, let's back to work then. I have to appreciate that you made him confess everything."

She told him how she mad when speak, he looked impressed as he spoke "A great thing, now let me handle the rest."

She nodded and went in with him, the man was struggling hard to free himself. Kevin didn't do much but made when unconscious again and then placed a few things around him with which he could se himself free.

Rachel was new to this world so she looked at him confused, he understood that she required an explanation so without her asking the question, he answered "If he sets himself free on his own and escapes, he will think that he has escaped from us by fooling us but the case if that we are setting him free just to follow him." he said placing a tracker in his hair so that it is not visible to the n.a.k.e.d eyes.

As they came out of the room, Rachel asked serious "So now will he go to his boss and lead us to the underworld Don."

"His name is Darren and no this person is cleaver, he won't take this step but we may be able to find something new.

She nodded and then her door bell rang and she hurriedly opened it and a very handsome man stood at the door as he introduced himself "Hello, I am Joe and I am assigned to work with you."

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