Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 117

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 117 Hide And Seek

While Kevin was trying to hide himself, Emma caught a glimpse of him, shocked she said "Was that my brother?"

Rachel felt nervous but she tried to handle the situation "What will your brother do in my house, it was my brother, he ran away because he feels uncomfortable around people."

Emma was satisfied with the answer so Rachel let out a sigh of relief and sat next to her on the couch "So what are you playing to do now."

She smiled brightly "I was thinking if you could continue teaching me the martial arts."

Rachel said in an authoritative voice "No that is not going to happen, you are not well right now and it will cause exertion and your brother..." she was about to say and your brother will kill me but then she realized she had spoken too much so she changed the subject "Forget it let's go shopping."

Emma was quite sure about what she had heard so she didn't work with her and asked "What were you going to say, my brother what"

Rachel could not think of anything, Kevin who was listening to them was also worried and he accidentally dropped a vase near him. Rachel was even more tense as Emma asked suspiciously "Why is your brother listening to our conversation."

Rachel replied in a hurried tone "No he is not, we should go."

Emma was sure something was wrong "No I could make out by the vase falling that he was listening to us and now I want to check."

Rachel shouted "No you can't" then she realized that her tone was quite rude so she said "I mean let's go out, I was looking for some company."

Emma ignored her and moved towards the room the noise came from, with a faint hope that she could meet her brother, she opened the door but to her surprise it was empty.

Rachel's heart was thumping loudly as she opened the door but when she said "It is empty, how did this vase fall."

Rachel put a hand on her chest relived "Maybe it was a cat then one of them entered the house yesterday, now can we leave."

She smiled and said "Alright but you will have to clean this up first, I will wait for you outside."

She entered the room and locked it before searching for Kevin then she spoke to herself "Does this man know how to disappear, where is he now."

Soon she was covered with a pair of big hands around her waist which made her jump and before she could shout, he put his hand over her mouth "It's me."

As he released his hand and tried to kiss her neck, she hit her elbow in his stomach and moved away as he put his hands on his stomach and bend down with pain.

She said in a low voice "Are you crazy, what do you think you were doing."

He replied in pain "I hid myself above the wardrobe and saved you from trouble so the least I expected was a kiss and this is what I get."

Rachel was too furious to answer his, she took a broom from the corner of the room and threw it in his direction "I don't have time and energy to waste on you so just clean up the glass. I am leaving."

As he caught the broom and she left the room, he smiled to himself "My fierce little lady, I just wish to see this fierceness in bed."

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