Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 120

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 120 Kidnapped

Kevin ran towards Rachel and said "Sorry for shouting at you." Rachel held his favorite ice cream in her hand as she spoke "I am sorry too for not listening to you and just slapping you."

Kevin planned something in his head and smiled to himself then held Emma by her waist pushing her against the table and leaning over her he said "But you need to pay for that slap."

She turned her head away "I know that is why I made dinner, Eat."

He smirked "I want to taste you more than I want to taste your dishes."

Rachel pushed him away and he almost hit the wall when he controlled his balance "Don't take me for granted, I can even kill you."

He put his hand in the air "Alright I am sorry, I was taken aback by your gesture."

She went to sit on the chair while answering him "You should be sorry."

He sat opposite to her smiling and while they ate they discussed about the ongoing case.

They had almost finished their dinner when Rachel received Emma's call, she answered it enthusiastically but she was worried when she heard a man's voice "Hello Rachel darling, I have been stalking you for quite a long now and I think this is the right time for us to meet and I don't think I need to mention about Emma being in danger if you don't come."

She anxiously got up and answered "Don't do anything to her, I will come, just tell me the place."

The man laughed "You are smart, I will send you the message."

He hung up and she received a message which had an address and a photo. She downloaded the picture and fell down on the chair, seeing her reaction Kevin snatched her phone out of her hand and had the same reaction seeing Emma tied to a chair and a bomb attached at her back.

She took a deep breath and stood up with a determination on her face and ran out taking her car keys and without saying anything to Kevin who then followed he out. Before she entered her car, he held her wrist and with angry and teary eyes and heavy voice he spoke " Move to the other side I will drive.

Seeing him like this she allowed him to drive and they reached the place quickly. Before entering the place they begin to investigate it but were unable to find anything as it was very well protected so they decided to enter the place cautiously. Kevin asked Rachel to follow him and stay behind him no matter what.

It was a beautiful and lavish place, well protected by security. Kevin entered the front door holding a gun and when he moved a few steps forward, he was locked up in a metal cage which dropped on him from the top, this sudden action took Rachel off guard and her gun fell to the floor as she stepped back, her hands to her face.

The cage was pulled up, hanging Kevin to the ceiling, her gaze followed the cage and then landed on the cage next to him which had Emma in it, who was weak and under the control of some Anastasia as she sat with her eyes closed on the floor. She was taking in everything when a voice rung in her ear "I have waited so long for you and now seeing you I realise, it was worth the wait."

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