Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 132

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 132 Trouble

Kevin didn't speak for a long time and now the look on Rachel's face turned more worried and she grew impatient now as she said "Say it, quick."

He lowered his head and spoke very slowly but it was enough for her sharp ears to hear "You are now the main target of the Don and he is planning something very big because he has even cancelled the bomb blasts."

Rachel heaved a sigh of relief and said placing a hand on his shoulder "Don't worry I will be fine, you scared me, I thought that something bad has happened."

Kevin felt the anger rising inside his seeing how careless she was about herself but he could not say anything so he dragged her to the terrace and shut the door behind him, he then spoke in a loud tone "Are you crazy, is this a small thing that your life is in danger, he has fallen for you and your fierceness has attracted him even more. He just saw you once a few days ago and he has a lot of information about you by now."

Rachel was relaxed even now and she said rolling her eyes "You are being crazy, now that we know that he is behind us at least we can be more careful and not fall into his trap, moreover worrying about this will not help make this any easier."

Kevin relaxed a bit at the sound of this but he was still worried "You are right but as long as I am even a little away from you, I will always be worried so I am going to get my section changed with yours."

Rachel knew he was not going to relax until he did that so she allowed him to go for it and after that was done, he suggested having bodyguards for her and by this time she had reached the peak of anger by his childish act "Shut up Kevin, relax do you want to gain his attention and let him know that we are cautious about his act and if you behave like this I will sure be kidnapped very soon."

Kevin who was sitting next to her went silent and then murmured in low voice "Sorry."

Rachel's lip curled up in a smile seeing his tamed wolf but he was indeed a wolf so he wrapped an arm around her "It feels so good to mark my territory so if someone tries to invade they will be destroyed."

Rachel blushed and pushed his arm away saying in a low voice "Shut up, let me listen to the teacher."

He then sat quietly next to her listening to the lecture.

Later that evening when they reached home Rachel was too tired to do anything so she climbed into her bed straight away. When she was on the verge of sleep a pair of warm hand wrapped around her waist and Kevin hopped next to her melting his chest into her back making her unable to move "What are you doing, let me go to sleep."

"I am too scared to sleep alone because of the fear of losing you."

Rachel smiled and turned around kissing his lips she said "You are so cute, now let me sleep." saying this she buried her head in his chest and went off to sleep. Kevin was still lost in the moment but eventually went of to sleep.

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