Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 135

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 135 Worries

The call ended but before he could take a breath of relief the doorbell rang. He panicked as he ran down the stairs and opened the door. His eyes widened seeing Daisy standing on the door with a worried look "Where is Rachel?" she asked in a worried tone.

Kevin calmed himself down and said in a casual tone "She is taking a shower."

Daisy heaved a sigh of relief as she said "Jamie has been trying to call her since last night but her phone was switched off so she was worried and send me here."

Kevin gave her the most charming smile and placing his hands on her shoulder, he said "My dear aunt, don't worry, her phone's battery died so she was not able to talk and in the morning she was in the washroom so you should not be worried."

The was he spoke made her calm down, she blushed a little and then went to the door to leave as she said "Alright then I will leave, you ask her to call her mother after school, she was really worried."

Kevin smiled again and nodded, he kept smiling until Daisy was out of the house. He shut the door and collapsed to the floor saying to himself "Sorry aunt, I could not protect your niece the way you expected, I don't deserve her because I don't even have a plan to save her right now."

He then stood up rolling back his tears, he promised to himself, to bring her back safe and sound, after all they had so many more missions to fulfill. With full determination he went to school without having breakfast.

Rachel woke up in Aaron's arms, although her leg was plastered, she had gained enough strength. She was so angry that she used up all her strength to punch him in his face which made him fall to the floor. She sat up and supported her back with the back rest and shouted loudly "How dare you?"

Aaron smirked, got up from the floor and with a single swift move jumped on top of her, holding both her hands. He not her neck so hard that blood oozed out and the pain that ran down her spine made her shriek loudly. He then spoke in a little scary and a little seductive tone "Keep doing what I say or your mother and father are dead, they are always at my gun point."

She struggled to get out of his grip as she said through gritted teeth "What the hell do you want from me?"

"I have fallen in love with you, I am going to follow you everywhere and when you complete your studies, I will marry you. I don't want to share such a rare beauty and remember don't mess with me or your parents will pay for it and you will definitely be punished along with that. Now come on, you have to go to school so I will help you dress."

Before she could resist, he said sharply "I hate rejection and it comes with a prise."

She immediately understood what he meant and let him do whatever he wanted. He removed her clothes and carried her to the washroom.

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