Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 139

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 139 Detention 4

Kevin began to worry when he didn't receive any message from Rachel, he could not pay attentive to the class and just sat there aimlessly. He kept thinking about Rachel but instead of helping him calm down, this made him even more restless until he just couldn't sit in his seat anymore. The classroom stated to become suffocating for him so he just stood up and told the teacher that he was not feeling well, which was well evident on his face so he was allowed to go out.

He wandered around in the corridor for sometime and then at last reached the dispensary to take some rest. He lay on the bed silently without moving as if someone had placed a statue on the bed. The air around his was so cold that it send shivers down the school doctor's spine, he thought it was as better to leave him alone so he allowed him to rest in the roommate and went back to his room to sit on the chair. Kevin drifted of to sleep as he was too tired mentally.

Rachel was tied up but she had to somehow send a message to Kevin but she could not even move an inch, tired she gave up and before she realised, she was sleeping, there must be something in the oil to make her sleep. While she was sleeping, she had a frown on her face.

Jamie had an uneasy feeling all day long and she just wanted to return to her daughter right away but she could not. A mother's heart never rests on peace for their children and so was her heart. Charles finished of his work and as Jamie was not doing anything other than panicking, he took her home for a rest.

Rachel called the maid as an idea stuck her mind, she said with a plain face "If you tired me up like this, how am I going to call my mother?"

The maids thought that there was logic in what she said so they called Aaron to ask if they could open her up. As it was the time she reached home so he said that they could open her up only for the time she talked.

She smiled and asked for something to wear for the video call so she wanted asked to wear his shirt. She then video called her mother with a big smile on her face making fun of her "Mom, how can you be worried if I don't pick up your call for just once."

Jamie scolded her "How can I not be, I am your mother."

Charles then appeared on the screen "How are you darling."

She smiled "I am great Dad, why don't you help your wife to not worry."

He laughed "I have been trying to tell her since morning that you are fine but she has been saying that she had an uneasy feeling so I let her wait until you called her on your own."

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