Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 141

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 141 Detention6

Jamie blushed as Charles began to kiss her passionately and then his hands went under her clothes, he was not patient enough to remove them so, he simply teared her dress away and then he tore off his shirt. Jamie's mind was now completely off Rachel as she enjoyed her night. She was too tired that she went of to sleep, Charles smiled at her and then bit her collar bone saying "How can you sleep in the middle of all this fun."

He then smiled, covered her up with the blanket, kissed her on the forehead and whispered in a low voice "Sleep well."

He ten took a shower and went out of the room to do his work.

The maids rushed in as Rachel kept her phone aside, they removed the shirt she was wearing and tied her up again and while they were at it, she asked in a very smart way "Please tell me if there is any restaurant near this place because if I need something, I can ask you to by me that."

One of them named the restaurant nearby and told her the direction of that restaurant from the villa, she was captured in and when they were done tying her, they went out.

Now she had to wait until she was untied again to tell Kevin the place. Now that her mind was off of all the other matters she became really worried about what was going to happen to her.

Her body was completely sore from lying there in one position for so long and her heart began to beat harder as it was becoming dark outside until Aaron was finally in the room. He smiled at her and coming closer he said "It feels so good to see the wild kitten captured in my bed."

He then ordered the maids to bring in some stuff. Rachel felt like crying as he started touching her body while they were waiting for the maids, he said "It fells so good to touch, you are so soft."

As the maids came in with the trays of candles and the keys to her hand cuffs, he ordered them to place it on the side table and leave, as they rushed out, Aaron removed his clothes and then said "Although I have fallen for you but I can't leave you unpunished for ruining one of my business. If it had been any other person I would have killed that person by now, because it is you, I would love to see you crying and scream in pain and then it would do justice to my ruined business."

Rachel smirked and said "Do whatever you want but I promise you, I will destroy you completely before killing you because you are my worst enemy right now. I agree that you are powerful but when it comes to using brain, you can never compete with me and my boyfriend."

There was a spark of anger in his eyes, he bit her neck so hard that it began to bleed, the pain seeped in her body and the tears rolled out of her eyes as he spoke "We will see."

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