Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 147

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 147 Confession2

Kevin nodded as she continued to speak "When I was 6, I had a friend, he didn't even tell me his name ever but we became so close that we promised to marry each other and never lie to each other, we promised to stay together and never betray one another but one day he suddenly left me without telling anything, without any warning. I just wish, he had once said good bye, if he really wanted to leave. I know we were kids but I loved him so much that when he left, I stopped talking much, I didn't laugh or do anything to cheer myself up. I always had an empty corner, it must sound stupid to you because I was probably a kid but since you came into my life, I felt that empty space fill up all of a sudden but I didn't want myself to be hurt again so I pushed you away."

Kevin had tears in his eyes "What if I told you that it was me."

Rachel looked into her eyes moving away from her as he continued "I have kept it for too long, I wanted you to love me so much that when I told you about our past you would forgive me. It was when I was kicked out of the house, I was not even allowed to see you for one last time and when I returned after a few years, I feared to talk to you. I am sorry for hurting you but if you want to go I completely understand."

Rachel smiled and again buried her head in his chest and said "My love was never too weak, all I needed was the reason and I understand, I always believed you would return and I have been waiting for you for so long."

He hugged her tightly and smiled "Today a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and I feel so happy that I have been forgiven."

Rachel then puffed up her cheeks and said "You know what I am angry now, how did you think that I would not understand you."

He smiled again "I didn't expect to have such an understanding person in my life and I am sorry for thinking that way."

She then held to his chest closely and said "Alright but you are not forgiven and therefore punished to please me this night and beg for forgiveness."

He was surely not going to beg so he began to kiss her neck and then her collar bone and said "What if I only pleased you enough that I don't have to beg for forgiveness."

She blushed as he moved down to kiss her "No, stop it, we have to go to school tomorrow."

He now teased her holding her tightly "Not until you forgive me."

"Alright, I forgive you now go to sleep."

He then gently held her in his arms as they both dozed off to sleep peacefully which they had missed for so long.

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