Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 150

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 150 Surrogate2

She smiled and asked "What are you doing in the broad daylight?"

He raised his eyebrow and replied "Thinking of a punishment for you, for worrying too much."

She smiled feeling guilty "I am all yours, punish me in whatever way you want."

He raised his eyebrow again and just kissed her lips. Getting up from the table he said "We will continue this at night but right now we have to go meet James and Daisy so get ready.

She was in a really good mood so she got up from the table, wrapping her arms around Charles's neck, she said in the most sweet and seductive tone making a pitiful face "So are you going to leave your wife hanging like this."

His heart skipped a beat, he held Jamie by her waist and picked her up "Don't regret it now, I will eat you up, we can always visit them later but now you are my prey and you will be finished today."

Jamie was taken aback, she simply smiled as she was thrown in the bed and used her sweet tone again "Honey I was just kidding, please spare me."

Charles smiled, jumping on top of her "You aroused me right now and you can't back out and your sweet tone won't work anymore so get ready for what you brought to yourself."

She lay there quietly as Charles moved until he was completely satisfied. They were then lying next to each other a little tired but then Charles picked her up and took her to the washroom "Let's take a bath now, we really need to go, they have something important to talk to us."

Later they both got ready and went to their best friends house. Both of them had been waiting and they hugged each other. Jamie could feel the sadness in Daisy's hug so she asked immediately "What is the matter with you Dais."

Her took Jamie inside and made her sit as Charles say next to her, James then told them everything about the doctor's visit as Daisy added "We would love it if you are there with us tomorrow."

Jamie held her hand and said "Since when did you have to be so formal to us, it is our responsibility and right to be there for you and we would be so happy if we could help."

Daisy held her best friend tightly saying "I really wish to have a baby and I am so happy to have a person like you in my life who is always there for me."

Jamie patted her back and said "Don't be a baby and stop crying, everything will be fine and if you cry again I will kill."

Daisy smiled moving back to her seat "You always know how to make me smile."

Jamie smiled proudly "Off course I know."

Charles comforted James who was not showing anything on his face but he knew he was not fine then they chatted happily over tea, before leaving for home.

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