Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 151

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 151 Surrogate3

It was almost the time for the kids to return so they began to prepare the food for them. Rachel walked in to the wonderful aroma of the food on the table, she was about to eat without washing her hand, her mouth full of water. Charles slapped her hand "Go wash your hands and change your clothes, the food is not running anywhere."

She made a cute face but Charles just ignored her "I am done with this cute face of you and you mother, go now."

Jamie coughed from the kitchen to let him know that how inappropriate his sentence was at that moment. Rachel and Kevin both giggled as they went upstairs to get changed. Rachel did not lock the door before changing and as she removed her top, Kevin walked on her. Before she could shout, he covered her mouth and pushed her against the wall "Let me cherish you now because we won't be able to do that for a week now." he said seductively.

Rachel's heart raced "Are you nuts, my parents are downstairs."

He gave a her a love bite and said "It's not like I have never seen you n.a.k.e.d and your parents should know how much I love you."

Rachel pushed him down to the ground in order to defeat him but he pulled her in a tight grip over her "At least let me have a kiss."

She replied with "You pervert" but let him kiss her. It felt like an eternity when he finally let her go and she changed her clothes. Kevin changed his clothes too and then he smiled at her as they both went downstairs.

Charles was too possessive about his daughter, although he knew that they lived together but he could not let her sleep with someone until he was home, so he announced while eating "So tonight, I would like Rachel to sleep with her mother and I will sleep with Kevin."

He gave Kevin a cold smile as Rachel laughed at him inwardly but she found it very cute.

The next day when Kevin and Rachel left for school, Charles and Jamie went to Daisy and James where they went to the doctor together. They greeted the Larry and without wasting much time he said "I am sorry to tell you this but it is difficult for you to carry a baby in you uterus. Your uterine lining is not too thick to hold the baby so you will have to think of the alternatives like surrogacy or adoption."

Hearing this, tears rolled down Daisy's eyes, Jamie could not see this so after much thought, she hugged Daisy and said "I will be the surrogate if that is fine with you."

Everyone looked at her in surprise because it was not that easy a thing but Daisy cried in her arms and after she had calmed down , she finally spoke "Jamie, thank you so much but I need some time to process all this."

Jamie nodded her head and then they all left for their own houses. As Jamie entered the house, Charles asked her "Are you sure about this."

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