Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 72

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 72 The Argument

Rachel grew up to be a beautiful and smartest girl like her parents. After she knew the struggle that her parents had faced she was determined to learn martial arts and work hard on that so no one could ever bully her parents again and she could protect herself. By the time she was 15 years old she was perfect in fighting and no one could stand a chance against her.

She was the prettiest girl taking genes from her mother and father so everyone wanted to pursue her or at least be friends with her but she was an aloof soul and did not allow anyone to enter her life. She always had a cold aura around her which scared everyone but she did have a best friend, Jasmine whom she shared even with and was comfortable around.

She was having her lunch with her best friend in the cafeteria when a senior sat on their table without her permission, she was the kind of person who tried to avoid talking to people and fighting, so she casually got up and sat on some other table, Jasmine followed behind.

The senior who sat next to her was the most famous basketball player in the school and was loved by all the girls. He had rejected so many proposal but he could sit next to any girl and she would feel lucky but Rachel's action had offended him. He stood up went to her and banged her table "How dare you show that attitude towards me, do you know who I am."

Rachel didn't care and looking up at him she answered in a plain voice "Why, don't you know who you are or do you suffer from amnesia."

Whole cafeteria burst into laughter when Jasmine nudged her and whispered in a tended tone "He is Kevin, the captain of basketball team." who was now fuming red hot with anger.

"Every girl here wishes to have lunch with me and you were lucky that I sat next to you."

Rachel calmly pushed the chair away, where he was going to sit and replied in the same tone "I am not one of your fan girls and I don't like to be interrupted by someone while I am eating."

He banged the table so hard this time that their lunch bounced on the table "What are you so arrogant about, do you even know what a basketball is. "

There was another round of laughter but it faded as she got up from her chair "Do you wanna know what it is, meet me after school in the basketball court, let's have a one on one and we will see who is being arrogant." saying this she turned around to leave when Kevin held her hand. She turned around giving him a murderous look and freeing her hand "Don't you ever touch me without my permission."

Her tone scared every person sitting there, making everyone go silent she went out. Jasmine gave an apologetic look to Kevin and followed Rachel. Kevin banged his foot to the ground and spoke to himself "Who does she think she is, I will teach her a lesson." he went out without eating his food too. However great player he must be but Rachel's tone had scared him out and he was actually panicking while Rachel calmly attended her classes making Jasmine worry for her, who knew better not to say anything to her at this point.

The news about the match after school had spread and the whole school was excited for it.

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