Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 77

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 77 Something New

Kevin thought of everything and began to cry when there was a knock at his door. He quickly wiped away his tears and said lazily "Come in" thinking that it was a nurse.

Charles waited outside and asked he to go in and call him in if there is any problem, she nodded and went inside. Seeing her Kevin was startled and jumped up to sitting but with the pain in his body, he gave out a squeak and Rachel rushed by her side helping him lie down on the bed. He felt embarrassed and asked in a rushed tone "What are you doing here?"

"I was here to apologise to you, I am really sorry for beating you this badly but what you did was wrong and I am very bad at controlling my temper which is the reason that I like being alone."

Kevin lowered his head "You should not be the one to say sorry infant I am sorry, I should not have kissed you but don't worry I will quit from the team."

"No you don't have to do that, I just want that you should avoid talking to me in future."

He looked into her eyes deeply "Quitting the team is a lot better option than the other one, I just hope I can be your friend."

"I am sorry I don't make friends so it is better that we should not talk much."

Before he could say anything, she rushed out to her dad and then they went home.

Kevin lay down on the bed, feeling empty inside and as if he had made a complete fool of himself. He then smiled to himself and said "Girl I have loved you for so long and now it's time to have you by my side."

Although he knew that it was the hardest thing but he made a commitment to himself that he would melt her heart anyhow.

Charles dropped Rachel home "Darling your mom just called, I need to go back so you do your homework and take care, we will be back soon."

She nodded and Charles went away so she went upstairs to change her clothes. She finished her homework and went to the balcony for some fresh air when she say that few eve teasers had targeted a girl. The blood inside her boiled and without much thinking she ran downstairs and out to help her. The girls eyes were filled with tears when she pulled that girl towards her and faced the eve teasers boldly after sending the girl a little far away. She then punched the one closer to her in face saying "How dare you."

Some other held her from behind but before he noticed he was thrown to the ground with a great force. One of them then laughed, looked her up and down "Girl you have got much nice body, we can have fun with you too."

She was furious and a low kick landed in his crotch and he was on the floor, she took down all of them single handedly. The girl had called the police who arrived soon and took them to the police station. Rachel then turned to the girl who was starting at her blankly "Are you alright."

Her words brought back the life in the girl and she hugged her tightly "Thank you so much for saving me."

Rachel felt awkward as she was not used to this and pulled her back saying awkwardly because interacting with people was one thing she could not do "It's fine I hope you are not hurt."

"I am fine but are you hurt." before the answer she started looking for injuries on Rachel's body but she pulled her back "I am fine, do you want to have some water my house is nearby."

"Thank you so much but I need to be home my parents must be worried, I will leave."

Rachel smiled "Okay then, take care on your way." saying this Rachel turned to return to her house when she called from behind "Excuse me, can I have your number."

Rachel nodded and handed her the number "My name is Rachel, feel free to call."

"I am Emma, can you teach me how to fight."

Rachel smiled and nodded in a yes then running off to her house.

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