Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 78

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 78 Adventurous Opportunity

Rachel was very happy to help someone that she could not stop smiling all the way back home where she had this strange feeling that she was being watched but she tried to ignore that and went to her bedroom to lay down on her bed quietly. She switched on laptop and started solving some riddles which was her favorite pass time but she quickly solved that days riddles and puzzles and was free within 15 minutes. She then turned on the TV and started scrolling randomly when the she heard the door bell ring.

She checked the time and she knew that could not be her parents so she ran downstairs quickly and opened the door and saw a middle aged man standing at the door so she asked politely "How may I help you."

The man said very sternly "I will get straight to the point. I am David, the head of a secret investigatory group, we catch criminals without revealing our identity to anyone and we have been looking for an intelligent and equally strong person in our team."

Rachel was suddenly confused and asked "So why are you telling me all this?"

He hesitated before asking "Can I come in and I can explain everything."

Rachel put her guard up "Sorry but I can't allow a stranger in the house but I will listen to what you have to say."

He smiled "We have been observing you for last few weeks and you are perfect to be the head of one of our teams and with your intelligence and power we can reduce the crime rate to almost zero."

Rachel was taken aback at his statement and went blank for few seconds before replying "How can I trust you that you are not tricking me into something wrong."

He smiled again "This is the kind of guard we need you to keep up while dealing with the cases, you can't trust anyone but don't worry I will explain myself."

"Alright but before you do that let me tell you even if you are saying the truth, how can I do this I am still a student."

He took out a few papers and his ID "Have a look this is not fake and this sign here on these papers tell you that these papers and government approved and they can't be forged and about your studies we will help you with that and make it quite easier for you."

She nodded and then stood there silently to process everything for so long that the man had to ask her "So what do you say."

"Sir I can not decide this in such a short time and moreover I have to take into consideration that I can't tell this to anyone else but please come in and sorry for not letting you in earlier."

He stood there "No I just wanted to see if you had your guard up but I will give you a week's time so I will come back next Wednesday and I sincerely hope that you join our team or such a great talent will be wanted."

She nodded "Thank you, sir for considering me for this great opportunity."

He nodded and turned to leave but stopped, turned around and said "By the way you have great seducing skills which can come in handy." he then winked and left.

She felt embarrassed and the basketball match ran through her mind. She then went back to her room and lay down thinking about it until her parents returned. She ran down and hugged her parents tightly saying "Let's go out and eat." because the thought of being followed had been creeping her out all evening so she wanted to spend some good time with her parents.

Jamie rubbed her head "I have asked your dad the same thing just now and we were already planning to go out so go change."

She happily ran to her room and changed her clothes and then they went out to have dinner.

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