Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 81

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 81 Final Decision

Rachel pushed Kevin out of her mind and tried to focus in the class but she had too much going on in her life that she could not focus. She scribbled as much as she could get on her notebook and then without much interactions she got over with her day. When she arrived home, she didn't need to unlock the door as it was already open, Rachel thought of some bad things that could have happened so she consciously entered the house and seeing Daisy she was greatly relieved. She ran towards her aunt and hugged her tightly "I was so scared when I saw the front door open but thankfully it's you."

Daisy rubbed her head and smiled "Who else could it be." After some talk she said "Alright, now enough talking, go get changed and come down for lunch."

Rachel nodded and ran upstairs to get changed. Later both niece and aunt had lunch together and chatted all the time taking more time for lunch than was required. They spent time solving puzzles and quizzes and doing a lot more fun things.

Jamie and Charles arrived early and seeing them Jamie said "So the pair having fun."

Rachel smiled and ran to hug her mother and father. She completed her homework, had dinner and went off to sleep.

The time went by quickly and it was Monday when Rachel said her good bye to her parents and the three of them cried for quite a long but they finally departed. James went of to the company to take care of some urgent matters. Daisy dropped her home and went to help James, she reminded her of all the safety measures and to call her whenever required before leaving.

As soon as Daisy left and before she could close the door, she was attacked by a sharp knife, the blade of which injured her arm as she had dodged it because it was aimed at her face. A bottle of acid was swung open at her face but she dodged that too leaving stains on the floor. Once the sudden attack was over, she realized that these were the same men who attacked Emma and were beaten up by her.

She smiled sarcastically speaking "So you didn't learn the lesson properly the last time which should be taught to you again.

This time a few stronger people were added to the gang so it was hard for her to fight but she did that with all her might defeating them but this time she was badly bruised too but she hardly cared. She called the police and they were tackled with and this was the moment she had finally decided that she would join the secret investigatory group.

With determination she went to her room and called the number from which she had been receiving messages and as she expected the chief was on the other line, the one that had come to her himself to teach her. She wished him and told him boldly that she was ready to join and they asked her to meet the next day to begin her training after school. The rest half of the day were very difficult for her to pass but it did eventually went by.

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