Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 82

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 82 Excitement

The next day at school was the hardest time for her to pass because she was so excited about the training. She was in high spirits and quite active in her classes which shocked her teachers too but her enthusiasm gave high spirits to the whole class. During her lunch time she sat with Jasmine and they chatted while having lunch.

Kevin had been noticing her cheerful mood for a while so he thought it was the best time for him to have his chance of having lunch with her. He rushed with his tray and sat right next to her. Rachel's mood changed all of a sudden, she had been trying to avoid him so she moved a little away from him "How dare you sit here, I already told you not to come near me."

Kevin took a bite from his tray before looking at her, he stared for quite a long which infuriated Rachel so she spoke in a little louder tone "What are you starting at, just go away."

He smiled the most mesmerizing smile which made Rachel skip a beat but she waited patiently for his response as he said "You are making progress at interaction, you spoke this time rather than leaving so I thought may be you will keep improving."

Rachel was irritated at his attempts of getting closer so she got up with a bang and turned to leave when Kevin held her arm again. She turned around and stared daggers at him, Kevin released her arm and raised his "Sorry, that was unintentional."

Rachel turned around, smiled to herself and left without saying a word.

Kevin banged the table, talk to himself "How can you make the same mistake again."

Jasmine who was still sitting there eating her food spoke "Exactly."

Kevin was dumbstruck seeing her there "What are you still doing here?"

"Oh, so you didn't notice me, if so let me tell you something "I love my best friend and I want her to stay with me forever so keep your little act away from her and stop interrupting in our peaceful life."

Kevin smirked "This just got interesting, BTW how do you know she likes girls because according to me she seems straight."

"So according to you she should have a tag on her head that she is a bis.e.x.u.a.l."

Kevin was surprised but took his stand "I don't care is she is a bi because as long as she can like me, I will chase her."

Jasmine gave her a mocking smile "As if she will respond to you after what you did to her."

Those words struck Kevin and he realised that he had a lot less chance in comparison to Jasmine but he could not give up without trying and his pride could not let him lose the argument "We will see who she picks but it should be a fair competition so you have to give me a month before you let her know about your feelings."

Jasmine smirked and said while getting up "Alright, it's a deal."

Rachel sat on her bench in the class smiling thinking about her training but as Jasmine entered she mistook it as a smile for Kevin. Devastated she sat next to her and then thought about her conversation, Kevin was the first one she had told about her being lesbian. She didn't even open to her friend when she told her about her s.e.x.u.a.lity but it was just to keep her close so it was justified in her part. She was scared if Kevin told everyone, he thoughts were interrupted by Rachel "Jass, I wanna go shopping, will you join me."

"Sure, why not" she replied excitedly and now her mood was lifted again and she was over the moon.

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