Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 86

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 86 Confession

The three of them had a delightful dinner and Rachel promised Emma to teach her self defense in the evening. She planned to teach her right after her new mission. After she left Rachel was herself ready to leave "It had been a long day now I should go home and sleep, I am so tired."

Rachel held her hand, she had decided to tell her everything today so she said "Before you leave, can I talk to you where there are no people. Rachel was worried seeing her anxious and scared face so she nodded and they went to the emergency exit of the mall "We are alone here, you are making me worried say whatever you want to say, quickly." Rachel said anxiously.

Jasmine looked into her eyes and asked "Before I tell you anything, you have to tell me do you like Kevin."

Rachel was shocked "What are you saying and why are you saying this, why would I like such a person who tried to insult me."

Jasmine smiled "It's nothing, I was worried that you would fall in love with a wrong person and I want to tell you that I.... " before she could complete her sentence Rachel's phone rang which scared both of them as they were concentration on each other. Rachel picked up her phone, it was Kevin so she said in an irritated tone "Say what is it."

"I want to to tell you that I have collected all the information and made the groups who will be going to different places and you will be taking down the most dangerous and powerful group so I will accompany you. Meet me directly at the location, I am sending you."

Her voice softened and she became serious "Okay I will be there, just tell me the time."

"We will have to do this late at night so you have to be present at 10."


she hung up the call and looked at Jasmine "What were you saying."

Before Jasmine spoke they heard loud voices so they went outside to see that a girl was had just proposed the other one who was shouting and then the first one said "Please don't be mad, I just wanted to let you know my feelings. I promise I will never let them get in the way of our friendship."

The other one said "You promise not to try to kiss me again."

The first one nodded and then they hugged each other.

Rachel was aggravated "How can she forgive a person who tried to ruin the purity of friendship, I would have definitely slapped her and never talked to her again if she tried to kiss."

Jasmine was scared at her words and decided never to tell her feelings but Rachel was only angry about the kiss part, not the confession which was misunderstood by Jasmine.

After relaxing Rachel held Jasmines hand send chills down her spine "You were telling me something."

Jasmine was scared so she just said "Nothing, I was going to tell you that you did a great thing by agreeing to teach Emma."

Rachel smiled "Thank you, now come on, let's go."

They went home and that night Jasmine could not fall asleep, thinking about Rachel and so could not Kevin thinking about her too but Rachel was so satisfied and happy that she slept peacefully with just the excitement of the case inside her head.

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