Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 90

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 90 First Mission 4

The next day both were woken up by David's call who called them together "You both have to meet me before taking any step today."

They both said in unison "Yes, Sir" and he hung up the call then Rachel he'd an incoming video call from Jamie that she picked up after grooming herself a little and with a cheerful voice she spoke "Hey Mum, How are you."

"I am good darling but you don't look good, what's with all those dark circles" Jamie asked worried.

Rachel panicked as how to respond because her homework could never have kept her awake and that would be the most fake answer ever but then suddenly she had something else to worry about seeing Kevin climb up her window she said "Mum, I am completely fine, I... I.... had been missing you and couldn't sleep" she rushed the words as Kevin stepped into her room.

Jamie was worried for her "Do you need us to come back if you are not fine on your own."

She waved at Kevin to stop where he was standing and smiled at her mother "No mum I will be fine within sometime, you should just focus on your work, don't worry about me."

Jamie smiled "Thank you sweetheart for your cooperation, we will try to finish the work as soon as possible."

Rachel smiled and nodded "Where is Dad?"

"He has gone for a meeting I will ask him to talk to you in the evening, you should go to school."

She nodded and hung up the call and then looked at Kevin angrily "What the hell are you doing here?"

Kevin held her shoulders "Calm down, I was just here to see if you are safe."

Rachel pushed him away and said angrily "Oh really and what made you think that I would not be safe in my own house in the early morning."

Kevin balanced himself from falling " Someone has escaped the police and informed the main leader about what has happened and now they are really planning to kidnap you or they might do something else just to get you because now you are the one he is looking for. Rachel fell onto her bed in shock and clasped her hands to her mouth, Kevin feared stepping near her so he stood there until she recovered from the shock and spoke "What are we gonna do now."

"David called me to come and check everything and I managed to get this info out. He has made me the incharge to take care of you and he will also be sending a few people to look after you from a distance without anyone noticing."

She nodded her head repeatedly in a tense note that was when Kevin stepped forward scared to touch her, he slowly hugged her when she finally spoke "What am I gonna do about catching the culprit."

"Don't worry that will be figured out, you go get ready I will be waiting here. She nodded and went to get ready.

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