Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 92

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 92 First Mission 6

Rachel was unsure what to do next so she closed her eyes tightly as her heart sank and the man laughed "Still pretending then let me tell you something about unconsciously." and the next second something stinging ran into her nerves and she fainted.

When she woke up she was tied by her arms and legs to a bed and she could not move as she opened her eyes wide she saw Kevin captured in the cage in front of her as she surprisingly spoke "Kevin, how did you end up here."

He spoke half heartedly "Guess he is more clever than we thought."

The man entered the room answering him "You are wrong young man, I am a lot more clever." he said stroking Rachel's cheeks when Kevin's furious voice came "Keep your dirty hands away from her."

He raised his eyebrow and with just a single swift move cut open her dress and said "Really, I don't feel like that."

He then removed his own shirt and jumped on top of Rachel who struggled hard to push him away. He stroked her back saying "Oh baby, I like it feisty."

Tears rolled down her cheeks as he pulled her closer and when he was about to force a kiss he was knocked out of the bed. David beat him up as one of the teammates untied her and gave her some clothes to wear. She was so angry at him that she went up to David and said "Please let me handle the rest."

David smiled and said "Sure"

She looked at his as he tried hard to call the security and his bodyguards who were beaten badly by their teammates she said "Your game is over and you are a dead man." She took out all her frustration and started beating him as hard as she could until she was not able to stand on his own feet.

Kevin was taken out of the cage and they had already informed the police so they emptied the place before police arrived as their identity was a secret even for police. Everyone cheered on solving the case back at their place then David said "Good job everyone and now I just want you to go home and take some rest. Keep it up."

He stopped Rachel and Kevin behind "I hope you are not hurt."

They both shook their head in a no and then David asked Rachel "How did it feel working here."

Rachel smiled "It is great, I just want to do good things, it is really exciting."

David nodded and smiled "I like your excitement, now keep up your good work. Go home and rest today and tomorrow I will teach you some new fight moves."

They both nodded smiling and left as David said. Rachel was too tired to drive so she let Kevin drive as he had to pick his car from there. As they reached she went straight to her room and went to sleep as soon as she fell on the bed. Kevin had followed him, he removed her shoes and covered her up kissing her forehead. He left the room smiling and then went into the kitchen to see if she had food for dinner and as he expected nothing was there.

He ordered some food, put them in some bowls and opened the main door to leave the house when Jasmine entered and looking at him she asked shocked "What are you doing here."

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