Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 97

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 97 Investigation

David taught them his trick after they changed into their uniforms and as they were fast learners, it just took them an hour to master the technique and they could do it almost as swiftly as David.

David was impressed "I knew, you make a great team so now you have to set off to your investigations for this week. You have to go directly to work instead of coming here, staring tomorrow and I need a good result by the end of the 7th day. You can't be discovered during this time and you will only collect the information."

Both of them nodded and were ready to set off when David called them "You have to be undercover so change your clothes before leaving, they are already there in your changing rooms."

They went to change the clothes and then met by Rachel's car who was already sitting in the driving seat waiting for Kevin. As Kevin came out he smirked at her arrogance and then he looked at her from far, how wonderful she looked in the hoodie she was wearing and before he could imagine anything else he was spotted and Rachel called her "It's not that you are going to get all the information standing there, hurry up."

He smiled and then sat in the seat next to her "You bet, I can."

Rachel ignored her and raced the car, Kevin smiled at her fierce behavior and tried starting a conversation but Rachel was so mad at him that she did not respond to anything. He pulled the hand break, Rachel was thrown off guard as the car came to a sudden halt and Kevin put his arm in front of her to protect her from getting hit by the steering. She shouted at him "Are you crazy, what was this."

He was so close to her, he pulled her chin up "I was just checking if you could speak and guess what, you can."

She threw his hand away angrily and started the car once again at it's full speed and the next stop was where she had seen the child.

Kevin followed Rachel inside, both had their hoods on and face covered with a mask as they went farther inside the abandoned house than Rachel went last.

They went with slow footsteps without making any noise until they reached the place where few people were gathered together discussing something but they could not hear anything and if they went further they could be discovered.

As they cleared some space they saw the child from the morning tied to the chairs unconscious when Rachel exclaimed "He is the child I saw this morning."

She was about to go and expose herself but Kevin pulled her close and held her tightly "We can't expose ourselves."

Rachel was worried "I know but the child."

He held her tighter "Wait."

He then threw a small ball like device towards them which made them hear their conversation clearly. They were planning to kill the child after a few weeks and throw him in dumpster, now that he was useless and then they opened a big box filled with drugs and there were many around them, Their duty was to take them to a beach house and they knew about nothing else.

Kevin noted the address with Rachel in his arms and whispered "They won't do anything to the child for few weeks so we still have time, let's go to this address tomorrow."

Rachel nodded "But we do have to solve this as quickly as possible because these drugs are toxic and made to kill people."

Kevin nodded in agreement and then took her out of the house and then Rachel dropped him off to take his car and they both went home.

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