Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 98

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 98 New Leafs

Rachel was about to open the door of her house when she was suddenly pushed to the ground and she saw a gun bullet pass just above her but the person who had saved her injured her arm as the bullet pierced it and she lay on the floor screaming in pain. Rachel stood up and saw that nobody was around, the person had escaped so Rachel picked up Emma and took her to the hospital in her car, thanking her for saving her life as she replied "I owe you my life, if it were not for I would already have died."

Rachel's eyes watered as she realised it felt so great to help someone and it was even more amazing when the other person was this greatful to you.

As they entered the hospital Emma was still conscious so Rachel asked her if she needed to call someone. Emma handed her phone to Rachel and said with a breaking tone as she was on the verge of unconsciousness "Call my brother Kevin."

Rachel took the phone and nodded as Emma was taken into the operation room, her heart pondered at that name and she prayed it should not be the Kevin she knew. As she opened the phone she consoled herself 'There are many Kevin in this world so relax, it is not like he the only one."

Relaxing she called the number from her phone and was relieved that it didn't match Kevin's number but before she could fully relax a familiar voice came from the other side "It's Kevin Baxter, who are you."

Rachel felt like it was such a small world, she calmed herself down "Kevin it's Rachel, your sister is in hospital, you should come."

She felt like he was the most despicable person when he said "Oh, don't worry she will be all right and I won't come."

She felt like killing such a brother but instead of venting out her anger she simply hung up the call and waited quietly outside the operation room.

Kevin loved his sister a lot but he could not come in front of her for her own good. His heart sank when Rachel told him that she was in hospital so he hurriedly left whatever he was doing and picked up his car keys speeding towards the hospital. He asked about her sister at the reception and hid behind a wall to have a single glance of his sister, his eyes were filled with water and he was on the verge of crying but he controlled himself so that Rachel won't feel anybody's presence.

Seeing Rachel wait impatiently, he was worried about Emma. She had lost a lot of blood and they needed the blood for transfusion and her blood type was O-, it was not found easily and Rachel was not ready to call Kevin again, she was worried sick putting in efforts to find the same blood group but all in vain. She collapsed on the wall and started crying "It is all my fault that bullet was for me."

Kevin saw all this, he wished to help but didn't know how to face her sister but seeing a stranger put in these many efforts he went to donate the blood and asked the doctor to keep his identity a secret. When he came out, he saw Rachel on the floor, he wanted to hold her in his arms and say "Don't worry, I am there." but he felt helpless.

The doctor came out and said "Someone has donated the blood so you can be at peace."

She stood up, wiped her eyes and asked with a big smile "Who was it?"

"Sorry, we can't say that, the person wants to keep the identity secret."

Rachel was amazed at this person so she nodded her head and said "I understand but now she will be fine, right?"

Doctor replied in a serious tone "She has lost a lot of blood, we will try our best but we can't say anything right now." saying this he went into the operation room.

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