Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 129

128 No Swimsuit? No Fucken Way Wrong Gardens

It's Sous Sect yet Xia Feng has beauty by his side in the bed!

He can say without any problems that his desires are right now fulfilled as Yaoyao's body was laying atop his, sharing the warmth and feelings. She stuck her leg in between his while using the honed arm with erossu as pillow!




Xia Feng gently stroked her hair, then slowly left the bed, not waking up the silver-haired beauty. Since he is body cultivator and furthermore, EROSSU Cultivator, Xia Feng wakes up early as he has a lot of vitality!

The vitality that is needed to keep cultivating!

Taking small stroll, Xia Feng saw that his erossu beast is also awake, enjoying the wind massage in rich in qi wind as it passing through the whole Yi's household! Klim had gotten for herself a good quality tree that had thick branched.


"Oi, Klim! Accompany me."

"Okay~~ I am already awake for an hour, you know?"

"Oh, are you trying to compete with me?"

"You can think of it like that!"

Klim happily rubbed her face against Xia Feng's shirt, then properly seated herself in his arms. The erossu hands as though trained, also properly positioned themselves to hold the cat as if she was little princess!

Such close relationship! One can only wait for human form of little beast to appear!

"How is your cultivation going? This place is rich in qi, so it should be helpful with the help of my seed."

Xia Feng rubbed her chin as he patiently waited for an answer. The nights with Yaoyao are always going to be with utmost connection as both of them know the importance of cultivation! And it's not only about cultivation! It's also about fluff and love!


The answer was slow and weak as Klim heard the teasing tone in Xia Feng's voice. Well! She sneakily used her ability from cultivation method to 'steal' some white seed that was splattered around the bed!

And since the place is rich in qi, her body by itself answered with cultivation, so she had to curle down and cultivate for some time. Of course, the results from such process were truly astonishing.

"I know it's good. Be more direct."

"Half of my body can turn into shadow when I active the technique!"

"That's very good~~ Good job, Klim~~"


If Klim had good cultivation, then Xia Feng had much more bountiful as he actually kept absorbing the resources provided from Yi's family, Yaoyao's yin qi and also the world's qi around the household. He was on good way towards Life Creation Realm!


"It's Maomu."

The human and beast noticed another beast! Maomu was skipping to the main house of Yi household while holding two enormous rings on her horns. Female sheep with horns is truly beast indeed.

Those rings could keep the dishes all fresh and warm, so it's another treasure related to cooking cultivation.

"Looks like bruh is doing his best to gather as much as possible resources."

As Maomu left main house, Xia Feng notified her of his presence by waving his hand towards her. The fire sheep's eyes shone with bright light as she noticed the fluffy gentleman! Immediately changing the course, Maomu quickly approached Xia Feng.

Beeeee! (Translation: Fluffy gentleman!)


Even though he didn't understand her, Xia Feng had feeling that she mentioned his proud title so his lips formed wide smile as he ruffled her wool. And the sheep lady who already had taste of Erossu Touch, stopped all her actions to enjoy this touch.

She also twitched for time to time.

"I am sure you didn't stop working even for a second, so let's take a break, shall we, Maomu?"

Beeee! (Translation: Yes, let's take a break!)

The noble sheep nodded! Her body was already exuding the contentment as the erossu touch is indeed good reward for her work. Furthermore, she will soon see Aya who is also going to compliment her!

Too good! Beeee!

The erossu man... The fluffy gentleman and beasts found a wide tree to rest! With one swift move, Xia Feng took out the blanket and the group cheerfuly laid themselves! Supported by tree, Xia Feng had two beasts resting on his body.



The sheep took the best spot which is stomach of erossu cultivator, but Klim as good lady didn't argue over that and went all the way up onto erossu hair... This way, she also gave Maomu two erossu hands to stroke her!

What a nice beast! Human form come faster!

Beeee! (Translation: It would be good if Aya was also here.)

Another nice beast! Too much fluff is sometimes no good! One can hope that fluffy bomb of Yi household doesn't suddenly pop up!

Xia Feng could only let out bitter smile as he is not contractor to this beast, so he naturally doesn't understand her! Fear not, bruh!

"She said it would be good if Aya was also here."

The cat spoke slowly as she kept sniffing the erossu fragnance. Who knows what it will result later, now, Xia Feng cared more about her understanding the beast. It shouldn't be possible for Klim to understand sheep as she is cat!

What's the mystery behind it?!

"You can understand Maomu?"

"I can!"

Klim also can feel very close with various types of qi, not only 'shadow' one that she has got from her core. She can cultivate nicely without much problems and for her, it's normal as she just follows the instructions of Xia Feng and cultivation method.

If Xia Feng knew that the cat is more mysterious than he thinks she already is, then he definitely would made her eat some other cores. But with the thoughts of taking everything slowly, Xia Feng goes with the flow and naturally wants her 'erossu evolution' to progress.

"That's nice I guess. It will be useful when we will leave this Sect in the future."

Maomu was immersed in the pleasant touch, so she couldn't hear such words. But Xia Feng lightly pinched her flesh to awaken the sheep. Then, with warm eyes, he thanked the beast, and spoke about his road.

"Thanks Maomu... You reminded me of something."


"And look. I am different cultivator than Aya, so it would be hard to keep staying close. I must pave my own path just like she has to work on her own... Hah! But as fluffy gentleman, I will make sure that my path will intertwine with hers as much as possible."

Beee! (Translation: I know this! That's nice of you, fluffy gentleman!)

Klim translated the words and Xia Feng spent a while with the beasts till he had to come back! It's too rude to leave the lady for too long in her own household. Even more, as Xia Feng has been reminded of something, he had to quickly come back to his lady.

"I hope Maomu is satisfied~~"


"She is!"

After sending Maomu back to her work, Xia Feng came back to Yaoyao's home. Klim herself went back to her favourite tree, so he was truly alone.


The silver-haired beauty was now cleaning her own room... No, now, it's not only hers! Since Xia Feng was also living with her, Yaoyao sent all the maids away from her house and yard, so now it was only theirs responsibility to keep the house clean.

Why was that so?! There are few reasons. First, she was embarrassed and as it was embarrassing to show her shy side to the rest of the family, it was even more to the personel of her! Second is because Xia Feng is Erossu Cultivator of course!

She just took simple measures, that's all!

"Yes? I will end soon... Mmm... I don't usually do the chores..."

"Me neither. I always beat up Du Shung to make him clean in my place."


The beauty laughed as she felt his arms tightly wrapping around her. It caused the lady to misunderstand Xia Feng's intentions as she quickly repeated that she will end her work soon. Those words kinda hurt Xia Feng as he just wanted to hug!

'Maomu had done good job.'

She reminded Xia Feng to not only cultivate! The first time he appeared in this lower world, Xia Feng intention was to live freely without any problems meaning women! But now, he already became used to have woman by his side, even more, he became addicted to sleeping with beauty.

"Yaoyao, I heard that you like to swim?"

"Yes! Would like you to go swim today?"

Those words caused Yaoyao to throw all the 'perverted' thoughts away from her mind as she turned around to Xia Feng with cheerful expression. How could Xia Feng resist such eyes beaming with happiness and exceptations?

"Yeah, I want to see you in swimsuit~~"

"I don't have swimsuit though..."


What?! No swimsuit?! The hell is this shit!

It was because Yaoyao has her own lake, so she didn't feel like ordering one. When Xia Feng heard this, he immediately took her into princess carry and went outside to buy one pair! The desire to see Yaoyao in swimsuit couldn't be diminished by words alone.

Only his eyes marvelling at her curves can stop the burning heart of erossu!

"Ah! Calm down, Xia Feng!"

"We are fucken going."


The Sous Sect can be also called Sous City.

Everything is here! The district with common things is also here as the sect also has a lot of commoners coming from various origins. Those people set up their own stores after completing missions to rest!

It was something like part-time job from cultivating and doing dangerous missions.

Of course, since everything is made by cultivators, the materials used are also special.

"It should be here."

Yaoyao softly said, ignoring the attention she was receiving. The lady was clinging to Xia Feng and her body was glued to him as if they were one! It was normal sight for lovers, so why was everyone agape while looking at her?

Not everyone of course, but most people.

'Looks like Yaoyao is only shy for me! Hah!'

It's fine then! Nah, it's perfecto!

"Quite popular shop I would say."

She led him to the shop that was blooming with young couples. Xia Feng also saw Miss Song coming from this shop just not too long ago with his 'Erossu Vision' so it's shop frequently visited by both circles.

Entering inside, Xia Feng saw couples that were mostly too shy. The young men had problems with looking at all the swimsuits and even more, at their ladies who were trying out those!

'Young masters are too bold while commoners are too bashful, huh! Tsk tsk!'

If it's like that, then as fluffy gentleman, he must help his fellow commoners! Xia Feng during his trauma had gotten more control over his erossu fragnance, so it's time to train this ability! Truly perfect time.

"Yaoyao, what do you think about this black one?"

Two piece swimsuit! Xia Feng obviously went for black as it would look good on her pale skin along with her long, silver hair! Yaoyao also liked it and decided to try it! Going into booth, the lady told Xia Feng to not do anything perverted as there is a lot of people.

"Don't worry. I am fluffy gentleman, thus, I know what to do."

The time has come to train his ability! The moment Yaoyao disappeared into changing room, Xia Feng turned around in swift movement! It's his job to stay close and make sure no one peek at his lady, but he still went away!

All because his eyes were tightly watching Yaoyao, so all fine!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

He tapped the shoulders of embarrassed youngsters, then threw them straight into other changing rooms as he must to see if his erossu fragnance is going to work in the way he wants! He himself doesn't have to worry about his own as he has beauty by his side.

Only someone with similar status would hit him, but that's where Yaoyao steps! No need to worry!

"Xia Feng... I have changed."

"Let me see, let me see!"

He was already close to the booth! As Yaoyao head popped out from the curtains, Xia Feng stepped in as her words were clear invitation!

Inside, Yaoyao had her eyes shifting from mirror to Xia Feng as she had to make sure that everything lays properly. Her ass was sticking out as she arced her back while looking behind. Those two mounds were accentuated neatly by the piece of cloth!

Then her hand ran down to check! Holding the swimsuit, Yaoyao slightly wriggled her ass, then let go the piece of cloth with resulted in swimsuit slamming itself into her bottom! Pah! The beautiful sound indeed!

Xia Feng could mix those sounds with his own slaps as he already had bold and erossu thoughts in his mind, but that's not how should this date go right now. He only smiled, then spoke brightly as honest words left his mouth without any hesitation.


"You look so sexy, Yaoyao~~"


Honest words indeed! But Xia Feng knew that he has to spend his time with Yaoyao while not thinking about cultivation. Otherwise, he would be just like his former wives which was secretly angering him.

If not Maomu, then he would keep doing the similars things like his former wives without even knowing this.

Of course, as Yaoyao heard his words, she blushed deeply and her lips curled up into pleasant smile unconsciously as she felt satisfied with this result. Although she didn't know why the swimsuit had such effect, she slowly noted that sometimes it's better to wear something and don't go all nude!



"Eh? Why is the booth shaking?"

"Looks like our neighbors have fun. Haha~~"

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The walls in booth became destroyed and the sight of not anymore bashful man appeared! He held his woman tightly with those hands that were like claws now! The shy youngster became bull as he thrusted into his girl like never before!

Or that's what Xia Feng thought...

"You motherfucker! Let go my woman!"


"ARGHH! YOU! What are you doing with my woman?!"


Did he threw them into wrong changing rooms? Soon, the whole shop became filled with angry shouts as everyone was inside the wrong women!
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