Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 173

172 Exploding Within Li Miae Hoh

Li Miae felt very hot.

Her whole body felt so hot she felt like taking off clothes which she done rather immediately. Feeling the bare skin of Xia Feng that she missed for so long, the lady blushed highly and pressed her beautiful breasts against his own chest.

Laying in his embrace, the lady felt his sweet touch as Xia Feng carefuly caressed her skin. Properly taking care of his lady was the most important thing in his mind!


Moaning softly, Li Miae clenched her little fists that not too long ago were also caressing his muscaline chest. She shut her eyes close with intention to immerse herself more in Xia Feng's warmth!

But the lady didn't know how her legs and crotch were rubbing Xia Feng deep below.

"How did your mission go?"

"Good. There wasn't any enemies on the road."

"Hahah~~ Then you are too lucky, Miae."

"Mmm. I feel very lucky."

Xia Feng had found her here, so Li Miae already knew how strong Xia Feng is. He was amazing cultivator indeed, but the lady also only confirmed her former thoughts. She knew about Xia Feng special cultivation, so he must have grown a lot by being close with many women.

This only made Li Miae more red as she raised her body.

Hidden by blanket, Xia Feng could only see a little of Li Miae's body thanks to few streaks of sun slipping through it.

But it only made the whole picture more mesmerizing.

With her head raised up, Li Miae properly locked her eyes on Xia Feng's face, then her eyes shone as the lady realized how he had changed. He became more handsome and his eyes were brimming with confidence and desire that had no way to hide itself.

"You have become more beautiful, Miae. Those red petals look good."

And he also commented happily. Right now, Li Miae had few red petals just below her eyes that formed beautiful pattern. Grinning from his comment, the lady saddled his crotch in much more comfortable way as she already could feel that his words were truly honest.

So hard, so erossu!


It's the rod boosted by erossu harverst as well!

Xia Feng was so damn hard by his Li Miae that he felt close to explosion by just her saddling him. He lightly groaned and the lady only swung her hips even more strongly. Feeling her sliding on him without any pain on her face, Xia Feng realized that the lady had already healed herself thoroughly.


So he grabbed her pear ass with those erossu claws! At this very moment, Li Miae stopped any movement only to lean down to go for erossu kiss. Deeply kissing Xia Feng, the duo exchanged saliva in lascious manner, their tongues wrapping tightly.

Then, Xia Feng began kneading her ass softly, increasing his strength with each seconds.


Those muffled moans aroused him highly. The moans of lady who took his virginity were full of confidence! Since a lot of time had passed since their last connection, Xia Feng had rather good image of embarrassed lady losing her first time.

She was so shy and nervous, but now?


But now she is erossu!

Li Miae, the erossu lady!

Scratching his back, the lady only dug deeper into Xia Feng as her long brown hair fluttered in happinnes. Her whole body was also trembling with contentment and desires as Xia Feng's claws bounced her bottom with erossu.

Soon enough, those erossu claws reached out for juicy garden as Li Miae got aroused enough! By playing with little bean, Xia Feng formed advantage for himself as Li Miae gasped in delightful way.

"Ahhh! Not here~~ Nnn~~"

It was too senstive indeed! Losing more and more control over her body, Li Miae couldn't even realize when Xia Feng had forced his way towards her juicy garden as her pink walls clenched down his two erossu fingers.

Instinctively trying to show her love the lady leaned down in huge blush, biting his shoulder!

"Haha~~ A little pain is only going to make me more rougher."


Shoting his fingers in and out her juicy garden, Xia Feng was thoroughly going through her sweet spots, eliciting pleasant to his ears moans. The lady kept trembling and trembling, her body releasing pleasant flowery fragrance!

It was her red lotus cultivation!

"Ahh! Don't lick~~"

"Why? It's tasty."

Xia Feng kept licking her sweaty body from all this excerise so much Li Miae could only ask softly for him to stop. Nevertheless, few deep thrust into her sweet spot and the lady quickly hid her face back.

Feeling her cultivation, Xia Feng realized that it is indeed more unique than most cultivation methods from lesser worlds. Being happy for her, Xia Feng suddenly raised her body up.

"Miae... Let me check your dantian. Did you properly cultivate just as I told you?"

"I don't know~~ You must check it by yourself~~!"

Slowly swallowing him deeper and deeper, Xia Feng's rod entered the burning with desire garden. Just from putting in, Li Miae let out small tide, then kept inviting him deeper. Her tight walls were pleasure to spread and Xia Feng quickly reached her dantian.


Poking her deepest parts of juicy garden, Xia Feng groaned as he spoke!

"I must check more throughly! God damn you are tight!"

"Ahhh! AhhH! Ahhhhhh!"

Pumping hard, Xia Feng kept checking Li Miae's dantian! Of course, the lady had done her best to cultivate hard, so she kept cultivating until her dantian couldn't contain more qi, thus, reaching breakthrough.

She followed this rule effectively just like Xia Feng told her to at the very beginning of their time in the Sous Sect.

"Oh, your dantian is truly superb quality. But I am breaking this."

"Ahhh! Yesss! Break! You can break it, Fenggg!"

Explosionnnnnn! Erossu!

And so, he broke. Breaking the dantian of the cultivator lady, Xia Feng got welcomed by her eagerly sucking his all white seed explosion! And even though she couldn't no longer hold him tightly, Xia Feng wrapped those erossu arms tightly, pumping deeper and deeper, his seed properly lodged inside her dantian.

Thus, Li Miae broke to late stage nature realm.
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