Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 196

195 Slowly Changing

With the white qi flowing in his veins along with the erossu, Xia Feng's whole aura was exuding soothing and pleasant fragrance. It was working highly on the ladies around him as they all were close to each other.

Those black eyes looking at crying Ahrisha were gentle and mild. They wanted Xia Feng to move those black jewels so that he would look at them with the very same eyes.

His fragrance also had rather nice effect. It made them feel like coming closer, but not in perverted way. They just wanted to fall into his embrace and cuddle, waiting for erossu that would be only performed by him!

What the fuck?


"We should soon meet my mother and grandma. Let's by few beds before though."

Xia Feng explained the relationship with his mother and grandma in normal way. His voice that was serene worked very well as Li Miae, who was completley unaware of this kind of relationship, nodded quickly, her eyes understanding...

Her man is erossu cultivator. He spreads love and fluffiness with his bright and gentleman attitude! It was normal for his mother and grandma, who are both women, to fall for it as well as his body is clearly the best in this regard...

The village lady was learning a lot after leaving her village... Li Miae extended hand and stroked Ahrisha's hair along with Xia Feng, then the group of erossu finally could see the city.

"Feng... I think it's the best if we go to your dantian. Later, just summon us in your home."



Ahrisha spoke, then the second lady from the book nodded. Moving in such huge group of beautiful women would gather some unnecessary attention for Xia Xiu and Xia Luan! Their eyes were full of trust and affection, so Xia Feng gently smiled, his hand stroking their hairs as he sent them back.

Even Earis got head pat.

Leaving himself alone with Klim, who was in cat form, and Li Miae, Xia Feng took her hand and went deeper into the city. Just as he said earlier, he bought few beds so that ladies would have comfortable sleep.

Then, he arrived in the home of his.

"Ah! Feng'er!"

His grandma noticed him, her eyes brightly smiling at him as she curled her lips up. Then, Xia Xiu stopped a little when she saw Li Miae next to Xia Feng. Still... If he brought up a lady here, then it meant that he explained the relationship, right?

She opened the door and hugged Xia Feng while looking at Li Miae who was nodding.

Indeed! The erossu explained.

"Hello, I am Li Miae."

"Hi, Little Miae~~ I can already feel that you are nice lady! Come!"

Inviting them inside, Xia Xiu quickly closed the shop, then called Xia Luan who was actually cooking something.

Of course, the mother already could feel her son, so she happily hummed while waiting for him. Her reaction to Li Miae was the same, but Xia Feng is indeed erossu!

"Xiu'er, Luan'er, I am back. Also, since you have already met Miae, then I want you to meet other ladies of my."


So fast! Xia Feng only let out faint smile while looking at their parted lips, then the other beauties began appear one by one. The erossu ladies from the book were much more beautiful, their figures and skin perfect!

Only Earis had confusion as it was something new...

Family introduction! As if she was family member herself.

"Hello there, Mother and grandma~~ You look so close, closer than any family I have had pleasure to look at. Were you born with some erossu qi? Haha~~"

Ahrisha was in good mood after small rest. She teased her 'sisters' and Scarlet who was next to her let out big sneer as she found it funny. Nevertheless, the erossu ladies were full of smiles and happiness that stupefied the Xia ladies.

They have chains, no?

There must be reason for chains!

Still, they did pretty much the same as Gu Zexi. Ignoring these, they put all their belief at Xia Feng who was fluffy gentleman. And after small talks with erossu ladies, Xia Sisters had formed good relationship.

They also tried to talk with Earis, but she herself was like toy. The third lady of erossu found it hard to sociallize in such atmosphere and it was simply too hard for her to speak back...

Ahrisha, who saw it, took her hand and led her to the table where the dinner is going to be put.

"I hope you have cooked a lot, Luan'er."

"No need to worry, Feng'er~~"

Giving him reassuring smile, Xia Luan glanced lovelingly at Xia Feng, then her eyes came back to do some cooking. The family eat everything slowly, their lips talking non stop about the recent events!

"You have gone through a lot... Feng'er should rest here for a little longer than usual."

Grandma spoke brightly, not trying to hide her desires. Not only she wanted to spend some time with Xia Feng, she also hoped that he would take care of her body. The stonger he gets, the better erossu!

Xia Luan nodded along with her, then other ladies snickered.

Thus, the calm and good Xia Feng nodded.

He used the main bedroom to form a big good bed for everyone to sleep, then former room of his mother was being used for solo erossu!

Every lady had her time with Xia Feng as he properly strengthened their three ways to dantian with his techniques.

Then, one day, the erossu took one day off. He watched his women sleeping in the one big bed while keeping faint smile. The night was long and moon semeed to be brighter than usual.

Xia Sisters were closely sleeping, their hands intertwined. Then Ahrisha and Scarlet were rather close to each other, but not enough for some body contact. Then, Klim, who was milky cat indeed swallowed the little ponny's arm inside her chest while keeping Li Miae closer to her back with the tail.

Only Earis was a little farther than the rest.

And as Xia Feng looked over at her, her saw her brown eyes looking at him.

Patting the bench that was on the wide balcony, Xia Feng gestured her to come here. His usual smile was lingering on his face, the eyes of erossu gentle as never before!

At least, that's what Earis felt like.

Her body unconsciously stood up and she quickly found herself sitting next to the erossu master.

He was exuding the similar vibes... Ever since the divine bloodline entered Xia Feng's body, Earis could feel the changes deeply as she was the one not influanted by him. His whole aura was soothing her heart.

Not like she doesn't like it.

Then with the treatment over all recent days, Earis felt like this bloodline suits Xia Feng. Right now, he was looking at the moon while thinking about something deeply.

Of course, he was worried a little about Lilimoon.

"Are you worried about little baby?"

"I am... Living without parents is bad, but the little baby will at least have mother... It still pains me that I won't be able to see how little baby grows up... I will know nothing..."


Earis found it hard to answer.
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