Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 223

222 Xia Feng Influence Already Works?

"I could've asked for more, but in the end, we are from the same sect. I don't want you to die here, so let me tell you something. My cultivation already had sensed few monsters hiding beneath the sand."


Sha Shakuya wasn't that nice because they were from the same sect. He simply was giving them information to force Yi Kasui to give him his people.

Those cultivators were common cultivators that were working with them solely because of resources and treasures. Everyone had their own priorities and Sha Shakuya easily worked with these.

"We are from the same sect, so it's not that hard for us to transfer people. Just one word and you will be able to pass through this desert effortlessly."

The confident attitude of Sha Shakuya caused his people to sneer, their expressions definitely looking bad for everyone from Yi's Household side! They were pretty much on the control here while their leader had to do difficult choice.

'Should I... No... We used so much... So much resources went into these people, so that they can deal with at least one cultivator with similar realm...'

Clenching his hands, Yi Kasui was thinking hard! His sisters and brothers were watching over silently as their father told them to leave everything to Yi Kasui's hands! It was also a little training for him in such ascpect!

However, the army of common cultivators began persuading him to accept the deal!

"Young Master, you should accept this!"

"That's right. This is the best for you."

"It must be hard for you to battle on the sand, so..."

If their young master actually turned down the offer, then they would have to fight a lot! Truly a lot! Though the sculpture was providing everyone with the safety means and they could teleport out from the special realm, who knows what might happen in the desert?

Death... can be truly too random!

So they began persuading their leader which looked like it was working...

"Haha! Yi Kasui! I don't have time, you know?!"

The confident attitude of Sha Shakuya was truly too annoying for Xia Feng's women! They were holding everything within their bodies as they waited for the 'leader' to open his mouth! It would be much different if Sha Shakuya spoke normally, but his voice was full of stupid pride and contempt!


"Give me your answer-"


When Sha Shakuya was about to tell something, the sand beneath his foot trembled and huge scorpion left its home! Appearing in total surprise, Sha Shakuya's leg got pierced by its sting as it threw him up above!

"What the hell?!"


"It's strange."

Sha Shakuya's father spoke as he watched the journey of his son from the comfortable seat! Every father and similarly, heads of the known families, were with him! They laughed out madly as they saw Sha Shakuya getting sent flying!

"Buahahah! That was good one!"

"He showed too much of his arrogance to the point where he couldn't detect the attack of monster!"

Naturally, Yi Yaoyao's father was also here, his fac full of smiles as he saw their 'first enemy' getting attacked by huge scorpion first!

But the words of his friend also entered his ears.


More and more scorpions began attacking Sha Shakuya's army! And he, who was in the air, already released some sand specks that descended down to attack these monsters! But up above, there was another enemy!


The sand owl! It was something definitely similar to the owl and as it let out its cry, the owl smashed its beak against Sha Shakuya who couldn't move in the mid-air. Not only it was impossible to do so for him, he also used his sand to attack everyone below, so there was truly nothing that he could do.

Futhermore, his sand cultivation had notified him about enemies below the sand, not above!

"Fucking bird! Get lost!"

This shout was heard by both fathers! They were stupefied as the 'strange' thing that they noticed was a little too strange... The battle was going on, but only one side of humans was fighting!

Yi Kasui, Xia Feng and his women were all looking at the Sha Shakuya and his family fighting with stupefied expressions! Just not too long ago, they were prepared to fight as well, but the scorpions and sand owls kept going for the 'sand cultivators'.

'Is it because they are sand cultivators?'

Of course, they had army of common cultivators as well, so what's up with this? Yi Kasui quickly excluded such possiblity, but was standing here stupefied good thing?

"Bruh, I think we should just go."

"Oh... That's right... Let's go! We are going towards the mountain!"

"Yi Kasui! You fucker! Help us! Don't you think this is too strange?!"

"Oh, then if we help you, will you give me half of your army?"

"Do you think I am retarded?!"


After such answer, Yi Kasui ignored Sha Shakuya and his body turned mercilessly. Going forward without any obstacles, his side was peacefuly going forward.

"This was too strange! Don't you think so, my king?"

"I guess so. Actually, I want to see whether it was their cultivation method fault. Don't mind me."

"""Sure, be careful though."""

The ladies answered brightly, then lightly slowed down. As for Xia Feng, he just stood in one place, looking at the Sha Family fighting! His qi went out to probe into them, but monsters were in their normal state.

There was nothing other than their instincts to get meal.

So what was going on?

"Fight! Prepare for battle!"

Then, the voice of his 'brother' rang out. Looking back, Xia Feng noticed that his side got finally attacked by the scorpions and other kind of monster as it caused sand whirlpools... The strange flower veins came out and it began attacking everyone while trying to poison!


Luckily enough, all sand owls were keen on eating Sha Shakuya's family!

"Is it because of me?"


"Yes! That's what I thought so."

Klim was naturally here, her body leaving his embrace. She stomped on the hot sand, then left the erossu for a while! Looking at her from afar, Xia Feng suddenly could hear some scorpion going for her little body!

The cat was under attack!

"I see..."

But as she came back to him, the scorpion strangely hid himself within the sand!
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