Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 304

303 Crucify It.

Xia Feng had done the three types of the erossu drink!

He shared the one with the erossu water qi with the manager lady, giving her a few bottles that are going to boost up her status! Then, the erossu went outside and bought few common things needed for the fluffy adventures.

The erossu also hadn't forgotten to buy better clothes for Ame as she was the one to stood out first and take a move. During all of this, Klim had to rest in the cat form hidden within the erossu clothes! The lady got a lot milk pushed straight into her body.

Then, after completing few minor tasks, Xia Feng came back to the tavern.

"Everyone enjoyed their free time?"


"Hmm~~ Let's go back~~ I wonder where the river is going to lead us to."

The fluffy journey continues!

Xia Feng spent all this time on the dual cultivation. He and the erossu water ladies also accustomed themselves to be more efficient. They could put the formation while being pierced by the proud weapon of the erossu.

Thus, the fluffy adventure quickly meet its end.

It was the source of the river! The huge mountains scattered in front of them as everyone was already out! Xia Feng peeked at the map and noticed that he is close to the Red Victorious Kingdom's territories.

There was also the kingdom called 'Black Mist Kingdom'.

In fact, Xia Feng could see some black mist far at the other side of the mountains. Nevertheless, he ignored that and together with the ladies, he went deeper into the origin of the river. The orgin of the river should be special.

That's what Xia Feng had assumed.

And even if it's not special due to the world being 'lesser realm', there was no way of the origin to not have big amounts of qi.

Also, the fluffy adventure is more about enjoying each other.

Xia Feng and the ladies climbed up the mountains, then slowly entering the mountains, they found out the source of the river. However, there was already someone here! And it wasn't one person, but few.




The group of cultivators was tied with ropes, their mouth gagged with rope as well! They were held in a one place as if experiment toys! Xia Feng and the rest hid themselves using the earth qi from Earis, then patienty waited for the next events to unfold.

Not like they were caring about some randoms, so it was pure curiousity here.

That's why, the party of the erossu waited for a while, then soon enough, the lady whose looks were very enticing appeared. Her looks were that of polished gem, shining brightly as she slowly stepped towards her victims.

"The cultivators from The Black Mist Kingdom are so nice~~ Your mist is so nice, I would like to have few of you in my harem~~ I love you all! Who is interested in becoming my mate?"


Is that a beauty aiming for a harem?!

Everyone from Xia Feng side looked at the lady with eyes wide open. This shit is not only too rare, but also pretty hard to achieve! Even so, there was a lady here aiming for this! However!


"Why is she confessing to them while holding them like prisoners?"

Klim asked a very important question! But... it's not like they aren't people who like to be held in such way! A lot ladies glanced at Xanae who was flapping her wings happily with a smile that simply induced the lewdness.

The lady was the 'slut' who was not so patiently waiting for Xia Feng to touch her roughly.

However, no one had enough time to look at the meaty body of Xanae! The fallen angel herself had to turn her head to the side even though she likes the attention!

Solely because the lady aiming for the harem... was slowly taking off her clothes.

"Does she want to be erossu?"

"Shut up for a while, Klim."


The lady took off her robe, then exposed her nude body! Considering that this is the lesser realm, one could think of her beauty as high quality. She was someone who could provide every kind of pleasure, that's how good her body was.

Yes, everyone thought like that not knowing that such thoughts will turn much scarier later on.

For now, the lady closed up the distance, then put herself in the middle of the tied man. Her hands skillfuly exposed their beasts! The appearance of the 'foreign' weapons is not something Xia Feng likes, but he already had seen enough.

His eyes naturally avoided this, but then, the lady began penetrating herself.

Three at once.


"Well, I guess we can use her."

The erossu plan was simple. This lady is someone similar to Celes, using the power of lust to raise her own qi. Though the former was doing it in much purer way, aiming for the dreams and so! The one in front of his eyes was simply doing it in a wild way.

"S-she put... another one in her mouth! H-how?!"

"Shut up, Klim."


So if she is aiming for the lust, then Xia Feng, as the erossu himself, surely can harvest up this energy! Of course, putting up the slave mark in such woman is something that even the erossu himself isn't going to do.

That's why, Xia Feng decided that once his ladies from the erossu water type absorb the origin of the river's qi, he is going to shower this unknown slut and take every bit of qi without even touching her!

This plan is something good, however, Xia Feng suddenly got a change of a mind.

It was because the lady stopped fucking the man, then approached the ladies. Yes, there were a few tied women here. Once she appeared in front of them, the unknown slut performed some technique and the weapon popped out from her... bean...

"Crucify it."

Xia Feng immediately spoke. He no longer classified this 'living being' as a woman nor a man.
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